Droider - Android app website

I've done many simple websites for iPhone apps as you can see on my profile. I received a few request like "Hey, awesome works, what about to make something for Android?" or "Use Android device renders too, dude!". So here it is! Name of this template is clear - Droider. And if you want to buy this one you'll get:

- One PSD in this ZIP
- There are 5 background types available, I've used SubtlePatterns - http://subtlepatterns.com (They are hard to see in preview, goo full screen)
- All layers are in groups and named. I've used some colours for the folders too
- Used font "Source Sans Pro" is a part of the ZIP
- Google Play button has hover/active states in PSD
- 960px grid is used
- Android phone render (Galaxy S3) from Eryk Pastwa (http://dribbble.com/shots/581374-galaxy-s3-psd-template)

If you find any problem please feel free to contact me :)

(Pssst! Don't miss my first Tumblr PSD theme too! It will be ready in HTML soon! - https://creativemarket.com/AlesNesetril/1418-Orange-Tumblr-blog-PSD-theme )


  1. Alan Nudi

    Hi! I noticed there are a lot of Apple lovers on this site... and you all make some awesome designs, but I just wanted to point this out because it seems like nobody here knows what Android is. "Android" is an operating system, used by phones and tablets. It is the most widely used operating system on mobile devices. Yes, there are more Android devices than iOS out there. "Droid" is a Lucas Films registered term (yes, the star wars company), I has been licensed to Verizon for their use in advertising of Android devices. In other words, Verizon paid money to use the word "Droid". Only Verizon. Love the design with the S3, good pick :)

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