640 Flat icons+PixelDropr

I started this icon set for fun, but it turned out really well and we decided to go on. Right now there are 637 icons included, 100% vectorial and scalable. I plan to make it the biggest flat icon set on the web so will be adding 20+ icons every week and those who purchased the set, will get them for free.

I'm also giving away for free on Dribbble a demo set: http://drbl.in/hKkG

Updates: Added 26 farming icons Added 16 sport icons Added 34 weather icons Added 30 more holiday thematic (christmas + halloween) icons Added 25 car manufactures logo icons + a free social icon set: http://drbl.in/hTrf Added 51 country flag icons + 34 desktop app icons Added 36 vehicle icons Added 24 unique angry birds icons :) Added 28 emoticon icons Added 42 new sport icons Added 41 epic cartoon icons Added PixelDropr nicely categorized refills for all icons.

See full set here: http://epicco.me/epicflats/all-icons.png

In the download you'll also find PixelDropr refills split into meaningful categories so you can find and access every icon in a matter of seconds!


Check out our other icon packs on our shop: https://creativemarket.com/EpicShop Our latest update involves a new pack: https://creativemarket.com/EpicShop/20946-700-Epic-outline-icon-set

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  1. Brandi Gosse

    Awesome! Just wondering, do you have or plan to add icons that would work for: giveaway/win, news, staff, connect, loyalty card (like a stamp card), share (ie, "tell your friends"), and more info? Thanks :)

  2. Epic Coders
    • Shop Owner

    @Ben Carew Thanks for the idea. We always appreciate feedback and ideas from our customers and we'll definitely consider doing it.

    Thanks again for writing

  3. Ben Carew
    • Purchased

    Awesome set. Some very unique ones here.
    I have explored HEAPS of flat icons across the net for our product and I can tell you that virtually all of them have avoided humans! If I were you I would create a set of characters with interchangeable hats and clothes etc.
    It should sell really well and be a point of difference.

  4. brookstone

    This is a great looking icon set. I'm in need of something flat like this, but it's missing a few fundamental icons that I need. Could you please consider adding the following: add/plus, delete/cross, up, down, left, right arrows?

  5. Epic Coders
    • Shop Owner

    @James Kravitz sure, although we would appreciate if you rasterize the icons in the PSD files your provide for download. And thanks for checking with us, we appreciate it!


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