2 Lincoln Illustrations - By Hand

Presenting two hand illustrated Abraham Lincoln's, for your presidential needs. These illustrations retain an authentic hand made letterpress appearance. No synthetic computer-illustrated shenanigans here. Just good old fashioned pen and paper goodness. 'Honest Abe' would approve.

NOTE: The halftone textures seen in the preview images may be purchased separately here: http://crtv.mk/gOFs

What's included in this Lincoln Illustration Product:

  • 1 Front facing Abraham Lincoln Illustration
  • 1 Profile Abraham Lincoln illustration
  • Both illustrations have vector EPS, and PNG formats included. PNG files are sized to (4000x5000 px).
  • Both illustrations and formats feature 'Honest Abe' in dark gray, with a fully transparent background.

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  1. Brandon Moore

    Wow, this is great. Living just outside of Lincoln's hometown, these could be very useful at some point. Keep up the great work!