Bandoengsche Typeface

Bandung is home to numerous examples of Dutch colonial architecture, most notably the tropical Art Deco architectural style. This typeface was adapted from the finest Art Deco landmarks and signage in Bandung, Indonesia and strongly added native elements of traditional Art Deco typefaces style. The main character is an example of a harmonious mixture between West and East architectural styles, repackaged into the Art Deco type design.

With two different styles, it comes as regular and Deco styles, the regular style is constructed with all caps setting, with some different characters between uppercase and lowercase. The Deco style uses more stripes in the right shapes, it was naturally inspired with the most common art deco typefaces.

The additional Opentype Features loaded in this typeface; some stylistic alternates, accessible catchwords in the discretionary ligatures, and the art deco ornaments, This typeface is highly usable with large scaling size and will fit with posters, movie titles, and signage designs.

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  • Bandoengsche otf (400)
  • Bandoengsche Deco otf (400)


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  1. elaine ossipov

    This is Beautiful Gumpita, and absolutely Love it. like Jay said, bold, simple, elegant perfect words to describe this with. :)

  2. Jay T-M

    I love the subtle yet bold art-deco features in this font, it's so simple and elegant.