1566 Eldorado Stroke icons


  • 25.06.2014 - Font added
  • 08.05.2014 - New categories: Baby (toys, clothes, newborn), Holiday (feast, st patrick, new year, christmas, jewelry, celebrate, thanksgiving).

Eldorado Stroke contains 1566 thin and ultrathin vector icons divided into following categories: Baby, Basic, Building, Culture, Devices, Documents, Education, Finance, Food 1-3, Holiday, Layout, Medicine, Mobile, Multimedia, Navigation, Player, Symbols, Transport, User, Weather, Work, Furniture, Appliance.

You can try free version of this icon set before purchase at: http://www.icojam.com/blog/?p=668

What's inside?


  • Adobe Illustrator AI. Comes in stroke and includes 40x40 px and 60x60 px files. Each icon category is on it's own layer.
  • Adobe Photoshop PSD. Sizes: 40x40 px and 60x60 px.
  • Adobe Photoshop custom shapes CSH.
  • SVG files for individual icons.
  • Font.


  • Transparent PNG. Sizes: 40x40 px, 60x60 px and 128x128 px.


  • Ready for iOS 7. PSD and PNG with stroke size 2 px in 60x60 px.
  • Eldorado Stroke complements Eldorado icons (filled icons version sold separately: https://creativemarket.com/Icojam/1183-1471-icons-in-Eldorado-set).
  • Comes with free raster version of Eldorado icons (in PSD file).
  • Perfectly fits for making flat icons, infographic and interfaces. Good choice for use in web, iOS, Android, Metro style Windows 8 and other applications.
  • Strong and serious style.

Please note

  • All icons are monocolored.
  • Each icon category is on it's own layer in Illustrator file. Turn on layers window to find all icons: Window - Layers

If you need specific icons in future updates or found any bug please tell us via email (info@icojam.com) or messages on CreativeMarket.

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  1. Paul Bonnici
    • Purchased

    What can I say! I've never seen a bad set of icon's from you guy's! :D I don't know how you do it. :D

    Thank you for making my job easier. Great work as always. :D

    Cheers and thanks! Have a great Christmas, and I wish you success in 2015.

  2. jppv
    • Purchased

    Woah these are beautiful! Had to purchase them. Thanks!!!