30 Textured Watercolor Backgrounds

Inspired by sunset and sunrise sky images, this graphics package includes 30 gradients and 15 watercolor canvas textures. Artwork comes in one master PSD file with layers of gradients and overlay textures. High resolution files are 11x17 at 250 dpi. By using a layered PSD file, there are 450 different options to choose from.

Due to popular request, this set of textures has been updated from the original set. If you purchased the first version, please re-downloaded via your purchases page. If the previous ZIP file downloads instead of the new one, please contact me and I will send you the updated package.



  1. Drew Gliever

    This looks good, but it's quite disappointing that they're all the same scan with different colors applied. Was there a reason for that?

  2. Kimmy Kirkwood
    • Shop Owner

    @Drew Gliever, good thought. The package was created off a few requests for color backgrounds similar to those used in other promo images. The original concept was to have one large working file with a subtle watercolor texture applied over different color variations, but have the gradients be the showcase. Now that you say it, that would have made probably more sense to do 30 textures with 30 color options all as separate files. I just had not thought of it that way until now.

  3. Drew Gliever

    @Kimmy Kirkwood Definitely, just something to consider. I can't speak for everybody, but if I paid $8 for a pack of textures and got the same texture with different gradients applied, I wouldn't be so happy. It's a trend I've been noticing on here a bit, and while I don't think it's with malicious intent, it might be worth the extra effort to make each texture unique. I could be the minority though, let your customers/audience be the deciding factor!

  4. afungusboy
    • Purchased

    I agree with Drew. I was excited about this until I realized it is just different colors of the same thing.

  5. Tina Lavoie

    I love these! If only they were larger you'd have me. Most of my works are at least 24x24." Beautiful, though.

  6. Barb Johnson

    Very pretty! I'd love a set of 30 different textures in this size (11 x 17) or bigger. Love that you have the texture file with the different colors as layers. Great idea!

  7. J Gravity
    • Purchased

    I think I agree with Drew as well. If you ever offer another watercolor set but with different textures, I'd totally purchase it. It's really more the textures I'm looking to buy. Nice color variations though.

  8. James Stables
    • Purchased

    @Kimmy Kirkwood
    Great work, I was thinking, you could always re-release the pack and just insert a few different textures into the backgrounds. I re-created this psd today pretty close to yours if not almost exactly but the layer mask text has me a little stumped on how to get it as good as yours. I would definitely buy this to see your psd if there were a few more textures or it was $5. Great work all the same.
    Can you please consider dropping the price a few bucks please for a higher purchase rate?
    Thank you

  9. Desiree Hart

    Absolutely beautiful! You certainly have an eye for color. Happy to have the psd file, nice value.

  10. Kimmy Kirkwood
    • Shop Owner

    @Drew Gliever @J Gravity @Chris Corbett @afungusboy Thank you for your thoughts. I sincerely appreciate the critique and solution ideas. The package has been updated to include 15 texture variations. They all live in the same family of watercolor on canvas, but have different stroke directions and degrees of heaviness. The package has lost all flat TIFF and JPEG files due to the size of the main file, but there are now 450 style options between gradients and textures, all interchangeable through the master PSD. Hope this suites you better!

  11. Tina Lavoie

    Kimmy, do you do larger images? I'm a licensed artist, so I need to make quite large pieces. If so, I'll keep an eye out; if not, I'll tell you that I like your work, but will pass on by. Either way, these are very nice. :)

  12. Kimmy Kirkwood
    • Shop Owner

    @Tina Lavoie What size do you need? Are there specific colors you would like? I'm at the largest size Creative Market will allow me to upload so I would need to lose some of the options in order to increase the size.

  13. James Stables
    • Purchased

    @Kimmy Kirkwood
    Hi Kimmy. So, thanks for making more textures that was nice of you. In return I have bought the pack.
    I really liked the text effect you have on the first slide but is not included in the pack. Can you please tell me what your settings were to achieve that overlayed text "Textured 30 Backgrounds" etc? .. and the font name if possible.
    Great work.
    Thank you.

  14. Gary Elley
    • Purchased

    @Kimmy Kirkwood

    +1 for adding more textures. Thx.

    Would be obliged if you could tell me where I can get the shadow caps font you used on the main promo shot for this collection.

  15. Kimmy Kirkwood
    • Shop Owner

    @James Stables To get the texture over white text (or graphic), I screen (blending mode) the text layer, then duplicate the texture layer and create a clipping mask from the text, multiply the texture layer at around 50% opacity and increase the white levels so the gray areas disappear. It's not exact though so play with each one until you get it to where you like it. If you need more help feel free to message me.

  16. elaine ossipov

    Wow, I am so thoroughly happy with these, and would like to say the colors are the most vibrant gorgeous colors I've ever seen in water colors, in fact, it reminds me more of Colors applied to Silk. 100% recommend, especially at the price. Gorgeous, Gorgeous backgrounds!!

  17. Tom Richey

    Any chance you might make these available in PNG format? I don't have Photoshop but would love to use these as backgrounds for PowerPoint presentations.

  18. denisedupont
    • Purchased

    I guess I didn't understand the "one master file" concept, but I wish that each texture could have been saved as a high res JPG or something I could browse through and choose when I am in InDesign. I specifically like to have a library of textures for this purpose so I can quickly pop something in WITHOUT having to go to Photoshop and make one myself. This is not useful in that type of workflow. Just FYI to anyone else who expects this to be a "collection of textures" like they usually are.

    If the author would re-post this as an actual collection rather than all part of the same file, it would increase the usefulness of it tremendously.

    I feel like I just paid $8 for something that makes my work MORE complicated than it already is.

  19. Kimmy Kirkwood
    • Shop Owner

    @denisedupont I am in the process of creating a duplicate package with textures and gradients pre chosen and saved as individual files. Because of the max size that Creative Market offers, I had to decide between saving the 30 gradients with textures or supplying the opportunity for designers to mix, match and add the gradients & textures together as they see fit, creating over 450 options. This is a value I had put much higher initially as I have no way of knowing what each designer's individual needs were.

    I will send you the new package once completed.


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