ikonic - 180 icons (PSD)

ikonic is a set of 180 pixel-perfect icons designed specifically for iOS. The icons are highly consistent, compliant with Apple’s iOS Human Interface Guidelines and look sharp on Retina displays.


  • High level of consistency in icon style and size makes your designs more professional.
  • Apple recommended 40 x 40 px size means no resizing is required. So the icons stay pixel perfect on Retina displays.
  • Minimalistic style makes the icons and thus your designs clean and impactful.
  • Apple’s iOS HIG compliant PNG means less work for developers; you can use them straight out of the box (yes, it’s in white).
  • Unmerged shapes of most of the icons allow you to easily modify them if required.

SPECIFICATION 180 icons PSD: 40 x 40 px approx. | 100% shape layers

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  1. TieArt

    simple and neat - great love them, hope he does more though, more currency symbols, popular social media, shuffle, fandeck,