Shadows for web images and sliders

Graphic Shadows (for web images and sliders)

  • 26 realistic shadows for use with images, boxes or web sliders.
  • A toolbox of almost any realistic shadow you would want to use in your web design.
  • Set up ready to use in a well organised layered PSD file.
  • Smooth pixel perfect gradients made specifically for screen.

Other Products: Vector Shadows for images of any scale:

or get the bundle Shadows Bundle: Graphic Shadows (for web images) + Vector Shadows for $8 at

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  1. Thom Bouman
    • Purchased

    Just wanted to let you know I have used them on websites and in print ads. The are the best collection of shadows ever!

    Thanks again.

  2. Michael Fazio

    Very solid, I cannot stand creating shadows all the time. This is pretty much everything you can possibly think of regarding shadows. Nice touch, clever and I truly appreciate your work.

  3. Rashida B

    If only I could figure out how to use these *stop snickering, I can hear you* :) I'm a total Photoshop newbie just started playing around with it in November. I'm sure it's easy, if anyone knows of a tutorial I'd love a link so that I can buy this. I was creating a sidebar button last night. a shadow is definitely what's missing to make it rock.

  4. Jay
    • Purchased

    How about a v2.0 with some more effects and colours? This would be a great Weekly Giveaway or SALE item - as it saves us Designers from creating them from scratch - nice effort... you would never find these on TForessst.

  5. Rufone
    • Purchased

    Really nice!
    This was my first purchase on Creative Market! And I used your items at once in a project I'm working on.

  6. lab130
    • Purchased

    gotcha. Based on the preview, I thought that maybe the light and dark on the image itself was like an overlay that you could put over the picture/image/paper to heighten the bendy illusion. Thanks for your time! The solution you posted worked. Cheers.

  7. Rhett Dashwood
    • Shop Owner

    The image boxes are all the same; straight horizontal bottom line. Some of the drop shadows give the illusion of a "bendy photo" but this is purely the effect of the drop shadow itself.


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