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Chiara was designed and built for my personal website. I wanted something unobtrusive, elegant & simple. Something to present myself, while still showing that I blog.

I made heavy use of various mathematical theories to try to reach the greatest possible harmony, while still being fully responsive. Most sizes follow the Golden Ratio and the typography is based on Modular Scaling. It even scales intelligently during resizing, so the text or your images are never too small or too big. Every size or white spaces participates in scaling, so nothing breaks to rhythm and harmony. For more information, check out my Chiara page:

If you want to know more about how I approached this theme, check out this article:

This theme is very light and easy on the eyes. It feels friendly and well balanced, while still being fast and responsive. You should give it a try.

• Mobile-First Design Aproach
• Fully Responsive layout
• Valid HTML5/CSS3
• OpenGraph & Twitter Cards meta's
• WAI-ARIA & Rich Snippets(microdata) roles
• Minimal design
• Harmonies based on Golden Ratio & Modular Scaling
• Compatible with Ghost 0.5, including Multi-User-Support
• Designed for Readability & Sharability
• Works with the Ghost Hosting platform
• Automatic Syntax Highlighting via Highlight JS (& lots of themes to choose from)
• Handles static pages (small navigation already included)
• Handles featured posts
• Can display a full-screen article header image, if you use Ghost 0.5.2
• Custom about page template
• Integrated blog search (using GhostHunter)
• Automatic image captions (uses image alt text)
• integrated as a commenting system (commented out by default, but can be activated easily)
• Google Analytics integrated
• Reading time & Word count integrated for post view
• FontAwesome implemented for easy use of icons fonts
• Option to switch between List or Column view, reduce White Space around Head element, as well as Serif or Sans Serif font
• Theoretically ready for multiple users (Here is how to hack Ghost for Mulit-User:

Thanks to these guys for their awesome work.
• FontAwesome by Dave Gandy
• The HighlightJS guys
• @riplexus & @unverbraucht for their JS help
• the awesome guys that make Ghost


  1. aaranmcguire
    • Purchased

    How easy would it be to implement syntax highlighting for code? That would make me purchase.

  2. Mike Pfaffroth
    • Purchased

    I have this deployed, but when I use the code tag, it has a totally black background with unreadable text. I tried to set the HighlightJS text to github in default.hbs, but that had no effect. Any idea why this might be happening?

  3. Sven Read
    • Shop Owner

    @arsalan arif It isn't possible if you use the native Ghost approach, because they just generate an image tag. And that can't handle retina images. But the article header images use CSS and background-image, which is retina-ready already.

  4. Dustin Matlock
    • Purchased

    I'm used to ThemeForest, so I was curious about updates. The date says January, but I was curious if this theme will be updated for future releases of Ghost?

  5. Sven Read
    • Shop Owner

    @Dustin Matlock Sure, you will receive regular updates. I would presume most of the guys who bought it would rather say I update to often as not often enough :).

  6. Olivier Eeckhoutte

    There is a graphical bug in the "about me" page. This logo is in the middle of the page when you browser the live demo on a smartphone.

  7. Dustin Matlock
    • Purchased

    Is there a way to know when the theme receives updates? Thanks.

    P.S. Has the about page bug already been fixed and uploaded?

  8. Alexander Adamcik
    • Purchased

    Hey Sven, brilliant theme. Literally nothing else compares in terms of readability and ease of use, I do however have a request. I like the time-to-complete estimation, but is it possible to have a progress bar visible that live updates as you scroll through an article? This is of course only really useful for lengthy posts but thats the majority of my work.

    The example I saw is here on another mobile theme. It doesn't even come close to Chiara, but that one damn feature would be so fantastic. Check it out here, it's in the top right hand corner of the article body (scroll down to see what I mean).

  9. Sven Read
    • Shop Owner

    @Alexander Adamcik Hey Alexander, thanks for the kind words. And thanks for your inquiry. Looks quite sweet indeed. But I wouldn't overemphasise the usefulness of such a feature. From a UX perspective most readers are probably happily reading your blog posts without such a fancy progress bar (less distraction is actually always preferable. Especially if it the feature has moving/animated components, which are very costly on consuming the users attention.) But I will have a look into how it is built.

  10. Mihnea Dobrescu Balaur

    Hi, two gripes that are holding me back from buying atm (maybe they can be addressed):
    * I think articleImage should not be displayed as a tag since it's part of the theme's boilerplate
    * would it be possible to support disqus as well?


  11. Sven Read
    • Shop Owner

    @Mihnea Dobrescu Balaur Removing the articleImage tag is something I have been fiddling for quite some time, but haven't found a satisfying solution so far. But I haven't given up. And Disqus is just a matter of adding their JS to the end of the post HTML code.

  12. Mihnea Dobrescu Balaur

    @Sven Read I think you can hide it just from CSS even (with a selector on the content). Worst case, via JS. Regarding Disqus, I expected it to be more than that (you claim to have researched the layout and styling carefully). Anyway, thanks.

  13. Sven Read
    • Shop Owner

    @Mihnea Dobrescu Balaur Yes, you can match it via CSS, but that's quite shady from browser behaviour. And yes, I have calculated the styling carefully. But there isn't really much I can do to Disqus, due to them having their own styling. Besides, I don't really want to take sides for one particular commenting system, that takes your data (and of the people that comment on your site) and doesn't let you host it on your own. I am still waiting for a neat JS based commenting system that works on your own server. Most probably going to come with Ghost Apps soon (if nobody else builds one, I will :)...).

  14. Andrei Maxim
    • Purchased

    Hi Sven,

    Is it possible to release the original Sass files with the theme? I have a couple of tweaks I'd like to make and it would be easier for me to work with the Sass files. If you do, I'll share with you a Grunt task to generate all those assets without using CodeKit :-)

  15. Sven Read
    • Shop Owner

    @Andrei Maxim Hey Andrei,

    the original files are already included inside the theme. Check out the CSS folder inside assets. But I would appreciate you sharing your grunt task.

  16. Gregor F
    • Purchased

    Hello Sven

    Can you please give us answer on whether you plan to support rendering on Internet Explorer ? I sent you some emails about that.


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