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Pinto is a delicate and delightfully lightweight WordPress Theme built for writers, journalists, photographers and more. Not only is it seductively minimal, it takes just mere seconds to get Pinto up and running - & it's quite speedy.


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✓ Theme Features

  • Minimal, Powerful & Lightweight
  • Optional hidden sidebar panel
  • Theme Customizer Functionality (Branding Uploaders, Color Pickers & more)
  • Resourceful Customization Options
  • Fully Responsive Build
  • Retina Assets / CSS
  • Built with HTML5 & CSS3
  • SEO Optimized
  • Fully translatable po/mo files included
  • Cross Browser Support
  • PSD Sources Included
  • XML Demo Data Available
  • Contact Form 7 Integration
  • Widget Area Generator (Unlimited)
  • Custom Audio, Gallery Post Formats
  • Custom 404 Page
  • Widgets: Flickr Images, Newsletter Subscribe
  • Templates: Default, Contact, Archives
  • Beautiful & Extensive Documentation
  • Grade-A Knowledgebase & Support Team over at the Bean Support Center
  • And so much more…
  • Have a question? Ask us!

✓ Plugin Compatibility

  • Compatible with the free Bean Shortcodes Plugin
  • Compatible with the free Bean Tweets Plugin
  • Compatible with the free Bean Instagram Plugin
  • Compatible with the free Bean Pricing Tables Plugin
  • Compatible with the free Bean Social Plugin
  • Compatible with the free Bean 500px Plugin
  • Compatible with the free Bean Dribbble Plugin
  • Download the plugins at

✓ Theme Support

We honestly believe in each of our themes and are here to support every customer. Just head to the Bean Support Center, and you'll find some help articles and a contact form. We'll do our absolute best to get back to you as soon as possible - usually within a couple of hours.

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  1. Elton Mesquita

    Pretty theme with a bad name.
    I don't know why you've chosen this name, but in Brasilian Portuguese this mean dick. You know, the ugly word...

  2. Mario Maruffi

    A seductive immediacy of use. Another pleasant composition worthy of note. Thank you for your inspiration, is a pleasure follow your work. Congratulations @Rich Tabor and good luck with your sales!

    The side navigation bar does its job perfectly: accompaniment during navigation is nice and functional.

  3. Charlotte Hodgson
    • Purchased

    Really like this template and can't wait to use it.. just wondering how to receive 50% off? It is still saying it is $40.

    Thanks :-)

  4. Seth Gooch
    • Purchased

    I just posted a comment on the demo (the top blog post) There seems to be a formatting issue. Can you fix this? I'm considering using this theme. Thanks!

  5. Tobias Hagemeister
    • Purchased

    Hello ThemeBeans! Great theme!

    Does the theme as well supports videos to be shown with full with on the start page (like the audio post and gallery post format)?

    And how do we get the 50% off price?

  6. Rich Tabor
    • Shop Owner

    Hey guys & gals! The 50% off sale is over at the moment though we will do another on our next theme release!

    @Seth Gooch - What formatting error are you referring to? Currently the demo is set to not display comments until they are approved (as you can imagine there would be countless spam comments) - so there's a notification, then it disappears after some time. Here's a screenshot of what I have here:

    @Tobias Hagemeister - Hey, no Pinto does not have default video pages (though normal embedded posts work). The 50% off deal was up until Saturday night, sorry you missed it! :( We'll be doing another one upon our next released theme though!


  7. Tobias Hagemeister
    • Purchased

    Okay, thanks. I'm still interested :-)
    If I understand you right, I can create a standard post article and embed there a video? Including a big top featured image. Do you think it would be a great modification to include the video instead of the big image?

    Maybe you could create an example post showing a video?

    Thanks ahead!

  8. Rich Tabor
    • Shop Owner

    Ahh @Seth Gooch gotcha. Thanks for the catch. It was a small bug where if the user posted a small comment that the width wouldn't reach a required length to pull the columns.

    We fixed it & updated the theme to Version 1.0.1:)

    Thanks again!


  9. ktanker
    • Purchased

    Where can we find tutorials on how to make the image slider work and how to make those tweaks to get it to look like the demo? I sent in a few questions to support and didn't hear back. Maybe it disappeared in google's spam stuff. @Rich Tabor

    Update: I'm still trying to get info on how to set up the image slider.

  10. Charlotte Hodgson
    • Purchased


    Is there any way to make photos added into a post match the width of the feature image? I'm just wanting the images placed in a post to be wider!

  11. Tobias Hagemeister
    • Purchased

    Hello Charlotte,

    you could try the following, change inside the framework.css the width from 75% to 100% (line 37)

    .nine, .row .nine{ width: 100%; }

    Please note, I only checked that with Firebug.

  12. Charlotte Hodgson
    • Purchased

    Hi Tobias,

    where within the style sheet should it be placed, see below;

    h1.entry-title {
    margin-bottom: 15px;

    .format-standard .fluid-width-video-wrapper {
    margin: 10px 0 5px 0px;

  13. Tobias Hagemeister
    • Purchased

    Until now I did not purchase the theme. Maybe there is a custom.css option inside the theme, or you could look after a WordPress plugin. As suspected via Firebug, it should be in the framework.css. Check under.../theme-editor.php (paste that after your domain).

  14. rappel .
    • Purchased

    Another one: all your themes come with the sharing buttons, but not this one?

  15. Chiara Garcia

    Can a header photo be uploaded though? Also, if a lot of photos are going to be uploaded, does it always end up as a slideshow or can it be published one on top of the other? :)

  16. Rich Tabor
    • Shop Owner

    @Chiara Garcia There is not a default header photo uploader but that would not be too difficult to customize per CSS. The posts will only show featured images, but if Gallery Post Format is selected - you will get the slideshow to display. You may opt to load a bunch of images in the post as well.

  17. Rich Tabor
    • Shop Owner

    @rappel we decided against it per the focus/type of theme - but if it's among the popular requests we'll add it in!

    Also the social code in most of our other themes is very modular - making it easy to adapt into this one. :)

  18. Rich Tabor
    • Shop Owner

    Hey Daniel, we're doing them each time we release a theme here on Creative Market. Possibly by the end of October :)


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