Night Sky Admin (Bootstrap 3)


  1. elaine ossipov
    • Purchased

    wow, well, I don't use phones so I've not a problem with that myself. I love what you've done there, don't happen to have a simple ticket system that plugs into that, and/or multiple twitter accounts it can watch too eh? :)

    hey, never hurts to ask :)

  2. Adam Rotman
    • Shop Owner

    Yup! We have an Bootstrap 3.0 update ready to go out. Should be available next week sometime (or maybe sooner)

  3. Anders Jørgensen
    • Purchased

    What ever happend to the Bootstrap v3.0 update? I bought this theme because I ASSUMED that it would be Bootstrap v.3 compatible since the developer wrote he would include it (within a week) around half a year ago?!?!?

  4. Adam Rotman
    • Shop Owner

    Hey sorry for the late reply guys...The theme has been updated and is now the Bootstrap 3 package! Thanks for your patience :)

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