Watercolor Animals Set - DOGS Vol. 6

Afghan houng dog, Dalmatian dog, Doberman puppy, Pharaoh dog, Poodle dog Collection of 5 pieces, Watercolor Animals Set, hand drawn clipart design of popular dog breeds isolated on white background + 5 pieces on colorful background. Watercolor drawings, Digital Clip Art.

All files are high resolution JPG and transparent background PNG, PSD.

JPG Files in preview are low quality 60DPI, files in ZIP are high definition 300DPI, RGB.

1) Watercolor Animals set - Dogs. Vol.1: Jack Russel Terrier, Labrador retreiver, Pug dog, Shar Pei, Yorkshire terrier, Dachshund dog. Click here to download: http://crtv.mk/c0RyS

2) Watercolor Animals set - Dogs. Vol.2: Akita dog, Beagle puppy, Chihuahua dog, Husky dog, Pekingese dog, Pomeranian spitz dog. Click here to download: http://crtv.mk/j0cWl

3) Watercolor Animals set - Dogs. Vol.3: Basset hound dog, Cocker spaniel dog, German boxer dog, Toy terrier dog, Zwergpinscher puppy. Click here to download: http://crtv.mk/d0Wc5

4) Watercolor Animals set - Dogs. Vol.4: Bichon frise, French bulldog puppy, Doberman, German Shepherd dog, Tibetan mastiff puppy. Click here to download: http://crtv.mk/f0kD7

5) Watercolor Animals set - Dogs. Vol.5: English bulldog, Sheltie dog, Chow chow dog, Shih Tzu dog, St. Bernard dog. Click here to download: http://crtv.mk/d0cdn

6) Watercolor Animals set - Dogs. Vol.5: Afghan houng dog, Dalmatian dog, Doberman puppy, Pharaoh dog, Poodle dog. Click here to download: https://crmrkt.com/62DJ0

You may also see my CATS COLLECTIONS:

1) Watercolor Animals set - CATS. Vol.1: Bengal cat, Maine coon cat, British silver chinchilla shorthair cat, Sphynx cat, Cute smiley cat +2 bonus images. Click here to download: http://crtv.mk/u4k8

2) Watercolor Animals set - CATS. Vol.2: Abyssinian cat, Siamese cat, British marble cat, British golden long hair chinchilla. Click here to download: http://crtv.mk/h0cVG

3) Watercolor Animals set - WILD CATS: Caracal cat, Caracal kitten, Savannah, Serengeti, Serval, Ocelot cat, Ocelot kitten. Click here to download: http://crtv.mk/u8n8

4) Watercolor Animals set - CUTE KITTENS: Munchkin kitten, Scottish fold kitten, Persian kitten, Himalayan kitten, Birman kitten. Click here to download: http://crtv.mk/z9l1

5) Watercolor Animals set - CATS. Vol.3: American bobtail, Snowshoe cat, Japanese angry cat, Burmese cat, Elf cat, Ragdoll cat, Bombay cat, Turkish angora cat. Click here to download: http://crtv.mk/i0hIa

Collection of animals is not finished yet. I am working to keep collection replenished.

Can be used for wallpapers, wrapping paper design, cards design, stickers, printing on T-shirts, scrapbooking etc. Any text or background can be added for any event.

Original scan of drawings as per your request only.

Thank you for visiting my shop window, be my guest anytime!

I also take individual orders. If you want to order your pet's portrait or create any watercolour collection, please feel free to contact me anytime here on CM or via e-mail: ariy.design@gmail.com

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