Parallaxer Bootstrap responsive

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Introducing Parallaxer - Bootstrap responsive parallax template
!!! Check out new version Bootstrap 3.1. here

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= Good starting point for develop and run responsive parallax sites.
+ Parallax sections
+ Responsive layout
+ Scroll bar custom - adaptive for mobile and tablets
+ Easy change parallax backgrounds
+ Easy change scrolling effects

Bootstrap version 2.3.2.
- All Bootstrap features included!
- Just add any Bootstrap elements!

Special price only $4

NOTE!!!!!!! For iOs and Android devices use direct live demo link:


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  1. elaine ossipov

    Ok, Strapper, I have seen this word "Parallaxer" all over the internet for the last few days, and I've taken the time to look it up in the dictionary, to no avail, at least not an english one.. So, what does it mean, or is it a singular noun? the name of your theme?

  2. elaine ossipov

    @Miriam Bribiesca Any Host that will support Bootstrap, (which is just about any host)
    I host bootstrap but I think it's tacky to put stuff like that up here, since I am not a store owner, my site is hosting4skagit dot com and it's only like 3.50 a month for your own sight /webspace.

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