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20 Fantastical City Illustrations to Prompt the Urban in You

Creative Market March 31, 2021 · 1 min read

Whether you’re knee-deep in it, or watching from the sidelines, the hustle and bustle of the city is in constant motion. Taking a designer’s perspective, the core components of a city—infinite skylines, looming structures, complex tangles of roads—prove to be natural muses. From detailed depictions of prominent landmarks to flat concept-driven graphics, we bring you 20 city-inspired illustrations to prompt the urban in you.

20 Fantastical City Illustrations

Shapes of Cities by Yoni Alter

Monster Invasion by Sofia Ayuso

Lego New York by JR Schmidt

Cosmopolis by Aldo Crusher

Day Trippers by Davide Bonazzi

City of London Christmas Card

By Johan Thörnqvist

Frank Lloyd Wright by Toby Melville-Brown

Seattle by Rick Murphy

New York. Illustrated Wrap. by Peter Donnelly

Amsterbike by Pavlov Visuals

Сoncept Design of Ukrainian Coat of arms

London, Show Us Your Type by Andre Silva

Flatiron Building by Remko Heemskerk

Paradise by Damian King

Tokyo City by 長谷川 晋平


Buildingburgh by Sweden10

City Bike by DogFishMedia

Taxi, New York by Ryo Tekemasa

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