What Should You Sell?

As more and more talented designers are setting up shop, we've noticed that one question in particular is starting to come up more often. What should I sell?

While having complete freedom with your shop may seem daunting at first, there are a couple approaches you can take to narrow down your focus and come up with products people will want to buy. And the good news is, you may have already done most of the work.

Unused Client Resources

If you're a freelancer, we'd be willing to bet you've got at least some unused client resources laying around. You might have a few old logo comps, a solid app UI that didn't get used, or even a newsletter template -- whatever the resource, you can polish it, package it, and put it up for sale.

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Hint: UI kits, packs, bundles and other groupings tend to perform better than individual UI elements.

Time Saving Tools

Have you created a useful brush, action, or plugin to help speed up your workflow? How about layer styles, shapes, or mockups with smart objects? If so, that's great, because many other designers will happily pay for resources that make their lives easier.

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Hint: Videos of tools in action will help buyers make their decision.

Scratch Your Own Itch

Browse around the marketplace, are there any resources you wish you had but can't find? You're probably not the only one. If it doesn't already exist, this is an opportunity to fill in that gap.

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Hint: No matter how big or small, create a product that offers something unique.

We hope at least one of these approaches will spark some ideas and help get your shop off and running. If you're still feeling stumped, don't hesitate to contact us. We'd love to hear from you and help out any way we can. Cheers and happy designing!


  1. Mihai Serban

    I will add on these the following advice:
    Don't rush! Take your time, ask for advices, polish your product, design a good presentation and then sell your product.

  2. Lesley Yarbrough

    That's a great tip, Mihai. It's definitely worth taking the time to get feedback and put thought into the presentation. We could probably do a whole other post on the presentation and marketing of products. Thanks for the idea!

  3. The Fireworks Police

    I think one important factor that most sellers miss out on is the detail. The information you put about the product is more or less your advertisement. If you barely put any text, the buyers will not know what the product is about.

    And a lot of the products we end up selling on the different marketplaces are left over items that we could not use in client projects. You just have to do a bit of touch-ups and you can have yourself a top-notch item in your store.

    Good luck to all sellers (new and old).

  4. The Fireworks Police

    @smithunltd > It's not difficult to get started. Simply submit your request for the store and show your creativity. One way to do that is be creative, clean and to the point with your description and header image.

  5. Kemar

    Sorry what I meant to say is is there any way to see from a public point of view like on Themeforest the sales of a product?

  6. Lesley Yarbrough

    @Kemar unfortunately there is not. You can see the most popular products from the marketplace on the homepage, as well as in each individual category, so that should give a pretty good idea of the types of products that are doing well.

  7. Kamtiyono TY

    This is my first time here, my Experience using this site is WOW, amazing and full of pleasant. Great work.

    And this is a good clue to start selling things. There is no such affiliate system like what I get in themeforest here, anyone know? Sorry for asking this dumb question :)

  8. Lesley Yarbrough

    @Kamtiyono TY welcome! Great to hear you're enjoying the site. :)

    That's not a dumb question at all. We don't have an affiliate program yet, but it's definitely in our plans. Stay tuned!

  9. Kamtiyono TY

    @Lesley Yarbrough I register here by filling form before I download free goods, I don't need to log in, I just logged in and able to download. No email activation, just works. That was cool. Once more I'm impressed that the comment system in this blog section is just like twitter.

    I love this site, and will be one affiliate and seller too if I have spare time to create things :)

  10. Beth Rufener
    • Staff

    I appreciate the great advice and will definitely keep it in mind.

    This is a great site and a wonderful way for designers to buy and sell their products. What I love is that there are no limits on what types of products are accepted by Creative Market. Many stock sites put their sellers through an "acceptance" or "trial" process, and it is both annoying and time consuming. Not here, though! I have been nothing but pleased with this site, and my experiences in both buying and selling on Creative Market have been seamless and satisfying. As @Kamtiyono TY mentioned above, "it just works." Keep up the great work, folks, and thanks for all your help and advice.

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