2013 Scrapbooking Trends

There's something really special about saving your memories in a hand crafted keepsake. I've always wanted to put my photos, event mementos, and memories into photo albums and scrapbooks so I have reminders of my past. It's important, in my opinion, to hold onto memories, and eventually share them with future generations. Scrapbooks not only provide an outlet for creativity, they are also a make-shift time capsule that transports you back to your favorite events and special moments.

I never realized how popular scrapbooking was until I recently took interest in the subject. There are millions of inspirational sample pages, blogs, and resources to create incredible pages that will help you hold onto your cherished memories. After doing some research I'm happy to bring to you some of the hottest digital trends in scrapbooking:


Focus on Color: Black

Scrapbook Update recently did a feature on black being the new digital trend in scrapbooking elements. More and more designers are creating paper packs and scrapbook elements that utilize black as their main feature. I really like this concept, and I'm not surprised that black is trendy right now in the scrapbook world because we are seeing black used in a lot of other places like chalkboard wedding invitations.

I found some inspirational scrapbook pages that use black papers, black and white photos, and other black scrapbooking elements to help inspire you to create awesome pages.

02-04-13-old-marnel-dunia_bemyvalentine-ak_2psPagerotector-_1Share on Pinterest

Black_White2Share on Pinterest358-Florida0_1Share on Pinterest


In addition, I've hand selected some black scrapbooking elements from Creative Market to help you start creating awesome pages right away:

frontpage-fShare on Pinterest preview-01-fShare on Pinterest

digital-paper-white-black-01-fShare on Pinterest

129dpcreativemarket-fShare on Pinterest quirky-doodle-frames-3-free-spirit-fShare on Pinterest

Arrows and Arrow Patterns

According to a recent article by Debbie Hodge, arrows are a great way to not only direct your eyes to important memories on scrapbook pages, but arrows can also be used to create wonderful scrapbook background images. Debbie highlighted the fact that arrows are becoming more and more trendy because archery is huge in pop culture right now with movies like the Hunger Games and the Avengers that feature characters as archers.

I've found some awesome pages that incorporate arrows into their design as both highlighting elements and backgrounds for your inspiration:

Cuddles-with-My-Boy!Share on Pinterest

Arrows_AJonesShare on Pinterest2748Share on Pinterest

To get you started on some scrapbook pages that feature arrows, here are some arrow elements from Creative Market:

fShare on Pinterest  preview-fShare on Pinterest

kd-hand-drawn-arrow-set-fShare on Pinterest13_right-this-way-1160x772-fShare on Pinterest cmcover-fShare on Pinterest

Color Trend: Mint

Apparently, black isn't the only trending scrapbooking color of the moment. According to Heritage Makers, Mint is trending in the scrapbooking world as well. I actually feel like I can't escape mint right now, everywhere I go I seem to be bombarded with mint whenever I go into a store or look in a magazine.

Below are some awesome minty fresh scrapbook pages to help inspire you to create cherished keepsakes:

Mint-AHortonShare on PinterestMint-TBillmanShare on Pinterest101flyingShare on Pinterest

I've hand selected some gorgeous and minty fresh elements from Creative Market that you can incorporate into your scrapbook page designs below:

digital-paper-étude-01-fShare on Pinterest  cmmintblueribbons-fShare on Pinterest

coral-mint-background-pattern-fShare on Pinterestdigital-paper-red-mint-01-fShare on Pinterest fresh-mint-flowers-fShare on Pinterest


According to Katherine Elliot from Paper Crafters Library, owls are a hoot right now. Katherine says "owls are popular birds in paper crafts right now," and I would tend to agree. Everywhere I go I see greeting cards, invitations, and other paper goods featuring cute little owls. I must say, I'm definitely going to be on the band wagon for this trend because owls are simply adorable.

Check out these owl inspired scrapbook pages for some inspiration:

projects-85fd78a3-241e-4dc3-90c8-0c12a252b723-9b6bb6044d454d87831a7b4a0a303e1bShare on PinterestPaper-Pieced-Owls_1_product_mainShare on PinterestBarnyard-Owl-v2-Quote-4-WebShare on Pinterest

Creative Market has a multitude of owl themed graphics and illustrations to really liven up your scrapbook pages, and I've selected my favorites below:

springhoot_preview1-fShare on Pinterest fresh-mint-owls-fShare on Pinterest

example2-fShare on Pinterest

owlpusscat-melsbrushes-fShare on Pinterest upload-fShare on Pinterest

I hope you've enjoyed these scrapbook trends for 2013. I want to thank all the amazing scrapbook bloggers for highlighting these different amazing trends, and I want to thank the incredible crafters that created the awesome scrapbook pages featured here.


  1. Beth Rufener
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    I love the contrast of the black and white (or cream or gray) and red of the first example! Thanks for the great article.

  2. Aurelia Thomson

    Great blog post. Digital scrapping is huge...as well as people printing elements to put onto their layouts. Enjoyed seeing a feature on it here on CM.

  3. Laura Killgour

    I absolutely love this blog and the work you put in to it. I am writing a blog myself about the latest scrapbooking trends. Do you mind if I use some of your pictures in my own blog and reference you with them?

  4. Artista

    This is a very inspirational article. Thank you for sharing it with us :)

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