The Big Little Feature Update

The Creative Market team has been hard at work these past couple months on features big and small, seen and unseen. There have been a lot of little items that we've been rolling out recently, two of which actually just went live this week. We figured this was probably a good time to put a big list together of all these little things and share them with you.

Facebook Login

Just this week we released an option to sign up using your Facebook account, which should make it even easier for new members to get started on Creative Market. Simply click that big, blue button and follow the prompts to connect your two accounts.

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Already have an account with us? You can link your Creative Market profile to your Facebook profile directly from your account settings or by using the Facebook button the next time you log in to the site.

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Member Activity Menus

As member activity continues to increase in the marketplace, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to get a snapshot of your recent happenings. Hence, the new member activity menus were born. Now, in your top menu bar you will see icons for your recent purchases, notifications, and messages, and hovering over these icons reveals a nice little preview of all the important things regarding your account.

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Staff & Shop Owner Badges

One request we've received from both shop owners and customers, is a simple way to identify who's who in the marketplace. We thought this was a grand idea, so we pushed out simple badges for "Staff" and "Shop Owner," which you'll now see next to the person's name in a comment thread. It's one of those small details, but it should be a big help when members need to find the important comments on a product.

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Category Dropdown Navigation

It's been a little cumbersome for members to dig into some of the subcategories on Creative Market, but now those extra steps can officially begone! We've added dropdown navigation for all of the main categories, giving you access to all of the subcategories with no more than a click.

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Add/Remove Credit Cards

Want to remove your saved credit card from your account? How about adding multiple cards to manage different types of purchases? We're happy to say you can now do both from your account payment settings.

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Behind the Scenes

Along with these front-facing improvements, there is also a lot of work being done behind the scenes to help make your time on Creative Market a better experience all around. Recent tweaks include:

  • Search Improvements
  • Optimized Load Times
  • Faster Content Delivery
  • General Retina-fication of Website
  • Better SEO for Products & Shop Pages

As exciting as all of these features and improvements are, we've got some amazing stuff in store for you guys. Stay tuned as we continue to plug away and work our hardest to make this the best darn design marketplace on the internet. As always, if you have any feedback or feature requests for us, we'd love to hear from you.


  1. Design Panoply

    Everything you're doing has been a great improvement. I bet you know what I'm going to say next...

    I want exportable sales reports! Anyone else? ;)

  2. Jack

    Lovin the new update!

    I'd be nice to be able to adjust the order of the previews of a product. Right now, if I want to change the first/front preview image, I have to delete all the current previews and then re-upload them to get them in the order that I want.

  3. Mike Moloney

    Half of these are things I've been thinking about. Great job keep working hard, the marketplace is improving daily :)

  4. joyologo

    Nice works, thank you for your consideration of some of the recommendations. I wish you continued success..

  5. Alice Mongkongllite

    Creative Market is indeed the best darn design marketplace on the internet :D Awesome job on these useful features!

    I second what @Jack suggested! I also think it would be cool if shop owners could choose the order in which their products show up in their shops. I know it's in the making but I can't wait for the feed feature where you can see the latest products from shops you follow :)

  6. Derek - Creativenauts

    Right on! I noticed these changes a couple of days ago and thought they were pretty damn slick! I know you guys have some more tricks up your sleves ;)

    Rock on! Creative Market for life!

  7. Vectorgraphit

    I had some problems with the submenus while browsing from ipad. Now everything is okay. Thanks :)

  8. unwoven129

    Thanks for adding the FB login and even though it was probably on the list before I requested it, it makes me feel good to see it in place so soon after my request!

  9. Derek Gibney

    Would like to have a master template for my uploads. Yesterday I uploaded a font family, but had to do each weight individually, if we could duplicate the templates it would help my lazy ass.

  10. The Fireworks Police

    This is a great update but I would still like to see a mobile friendly version. I am always on the move and managing my account becomes a phone activity.

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