5 Rogue Tactics for Finding a Design Internship

-- This is a guest post by Jenny Xie from InternMatch --

Now that employers have had a whiff of warm weather, all thoughts are turning towards summer internships. As you may already know, finding an internship is becoming an increasingly common career step between graduation and an entry-level job. Don't miss out on this advantage, and don't sweat the competition, either--here are some ways to find a design internship that step off the beaten path.

1. Redesign Your Resume

It doesn't look good if your application for a creative internship gives no evidence of design know-how; some employers won't even give Times New Roman a second glance. Stand out from the crowd with some strategic design work that expresses your strengths. Be sure to include the link to your LinkedIn account as well!

Check out these awesome resume templates from Creative Market:

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2. Create a Web Space

Whether it's a personal webpage, a blog, or a Behance account, having an online presence can only boost your credibility and increase exposure to potential employers. Keep these accounts regularly updated so that A) recruiters see an arc of creative development, and B) you're "findable" via organic search. The latter point is particularly true in the blogging life--strong use of keywords and link-building will make you more visible to employers.

If you're looking to create a blog or website, check out these themes from Creative Market:

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3. Co-opt Social Platforms

You're on sites like Youtube, Facebook, and Pinterest often enough to know how to use them to your career's advantage. For inspiration, look no further than this interactive video resume and these 7 excellent examples of the pin board-cum-resume.

4. #SearchOnTwitter

Twitter has some unique tricks up its sleeve--it's quick and easy to conduct a keyword search for available positions, and just as simple to reply and get in touch with a recruiter. Not only that, but you can reply with a Vine resume (an idea that worked out pretty well for journalist Dawn Siff!).

5. Be Your Own Bullhorn

After putting in the hours to create a rockin' online resume or a polished LinkedIn profile, it would be a shame to let your efforts go to waste. Ask your friends to "like" Facebook statuses that link to your blog, share posts about your Youtube video, retweet your Vine, etc. It's a social world, and it never hurts to tap into it.

We hope that these suggestions start turning the wheels for your own ideas about joining the internship search. Looking to share inspiration with the Creative Market community? Share links to your work or professional profiles below!


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  1. Ruben Ophof

    Nice article. I'll be having to search for an intership soon and this quite helps.
    Some points I did know about (and applied them) some are new and addictional information, Thank you!

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