Staff Favorites - September 13

Every week our staff picks one of their favorite designs from the marketplace and shares why they think it's awesome. We hope you enjoy these handcrafted goods as much as we do.

Letter Monsters

Letters monstersShare on Pinterest

Sarah says "I fell in love with these letters as soon as I saw them! They are perfect for any kid design or as a fun Halloween font! My daughter is obsessed with Monsters right now, so I'll be sure to download these now!"

CF Font Shading

CF Font ShadingShare on Pinterest

Aaron says "This clever font works best on sunny days. Perfect for creating your own personal Hollywood sign."

Creative Tools Shapes Vol. 1

Creative Tools Shapes Vol. 1Share on Pinterest

Liam says "Fully scalable office tools that you can use in a whole host of different ways. An amazingly good price too."

8 Abstract Backgrounds

8 Abstract backgroundsShare on Pinterest

Bubs says "I'm a sucker for awesomely colorful things... "

Brilliant Mr. Badger

Brilliant Mr. BadgerShare on Pinterest

Josh says "Badgers? We don't need no stinkin' badgers!"

Watercolor Patterns 2

Watercolor Patterns 2Share on Pinterest

Maryam says "These watercolor patterns are gorgeous and perfect for invitations or greeting cards."

Brush Strokes

Brush StrokesShare on Pinterest

Lesley says "I used these recently for a blog post and they were just lovely. Super handy, easy to use, and just $5!"

iOS 7 Wireframe Blueprint

iOS 7 Wireframe BlueprintShare on Pinterest

Chris Winn says "I love blueprints and I love this. Flexible asset for wire-framing and presenting."

600x2 Vector Icons, Ultimate Pack

600x2 Vector Icons, Ultimate PackShare on Pinterest

Zack says "I just added this very nice icon set to my personal design toolbox. Over 1200 stroke and solid icons!"

Have a great weekend everyone!


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