New Dropbox Sync: Never Lose Another Design Asset

One of the best things about buying all of your design resources on Creative Market is that they're all saved in one convenient place: the Creative Market cloud. So you'll always know where to go to access your personal design toolkit, whenever you need it.

But we wanted to make it even easier! So starting today, if you're a Dropbox user (and who isn't?), we'll automatically add all of your purchases to your Dropbox so you'll never have to go hunting through your messy downloads folder to find your design assets again.

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To turn it on, just visit your account settings to connect Dropbox to your Creative Market account, and then every product you buy in the future from Creative Market will automatically appear in your /apps/Creative Market folder in your Dropbox. Magic!

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Connect your Dropbox account →

And if you want to sync your past purchases to Dropbox too, just click on the "Sync to Dropbox" link in the purchase receipt on any product page, or else click on the Dropbox icon next to each product you want to sync on your Purchases page, and all of your purchased files will sync over to Dropbox too.

So if you're tired of losing track of all of the assets you've purchased over the years, we hope this integration makes buying and managing all of your design resources on Creative Market an amazingly simple experience.


  1. Dustin Lee

    Yeah, I'm with Pier. You read my mind. I do this constantly to make sure I don't lose valuable stuff. Thanks, already enabled it. : )

  2. Steve Kraft

    oh no, not another service combined with an not selfhosted cloudservice. Plz consider to manage a 'owncloud' bridge, too... for all the paranoid among us ; )


  3. Adam Becker

    This is fantastic, great idea!

    It does get me thinking a bit about other integrations, so I'll just throw this out there. What if sellers could link their Github account and assign a product to a particular repo? I realize this is much harder to accomplish and I certainly don't expect it. Just thinking out loud.

  4. Ashley Pound

    Excellent. I use Dropbox to manage assets and workflow with freelancers around the world. Great system.

  5. Derek - Creativenauts

    what about syncing products to dropbox and google drive for authors? Like if we make an update, it will look for modified file date and automatically upload the updated file to author product page.


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