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25 GIFs Only Graphic Designers Will Understand

Creative Market March 31, 2021 · 2 min read

The truth is we know the feeling: the annoyance of a client sending yet another set of changes, the kick from finding the perfect font, the frustrations of being asked to work for free. The graphic design world has it’s ups and downs, pros and cons, and sometimes, we can’t help but poke fun at it. We’ve made a list of our favorite situations only a graphic designer would understand, and laid them out flawlessly alongside these 25 GIFs.
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When a client sends you a low-res JPEG in a Word doc.

When someone asks you to work for “exposure”.

When your client doesn’t like the font you chose.

When your shot gets featured in the popular section on Dribbble.

When you’re asked how to pronounce GIF.

When you finally get paid after a never-ending project.

When your computer crashes and you haven’t saved your file.

When you see an epic hand-letterer at work.

When you procrastinate on a project until the last minute.

When your client sends yet another set of changes.

When Creative Cloud gets an update.

When you see Comic Sans or Papyrus out in public.

When you find the perfect font after searching for days.

When your layers are a mess but you’re too busy to care.

When you land a great client who communicates well and pays on time.

When you’re given a business card with a terrible design.

When you stare at a word too long and it loses meaning.

When you have to meet a new client in person.

When your client asks you to write their content too.

When you work on someone else’s files.

When Wacom releases a new drawing tablet.

When your whole design community freaks out about Spotify’s rebranding.

When your client thinks you’re not charging for extra changes to a design.

When you recognize one of your favorite fonts while you’re out.

When you read a post like this.

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