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  • Great article! Good points and explanation. 6 years ago
  • Well done-- covered the points concisely, and with good examples. 6 years ago
  • Great article! I do have one nitpicky point: “…but also figure out what the brand sells just by looking at the logo.” In my opinion, this is very often NOT a common aspect of professional logos and is a trap that many young designers fall into (I know I was stuck in that mindset for a while). Not only is it proven in the two examples you show there (neither Nike or Apple’s logos look anything like shoes or computers), it’s also emphasized in the great Paul Rand quote you close off the article with: “A logo is rarely a description of a business.” I think having that line in there about being able to figure out what the brand sells by looking at the logo could be confusing and misleading for designers who are tempted to try and design such a logo. While those logos do happen every now and then, they are the exception, and the number one priority should be to create a unique and easily recognizable symbol that fittingly identifies the business or product in a way that creates confidence and trust. 6 years ago
  • Great article ! You have changed my approach to design logo. Thanks a lot for some very good points. 6 years ago
  • Great article! These points are very useful for every logo designers. 6 years ago
  • Why are these articles always so patronizing? All to often they sound like theyre written for someone who knows nothing at all about design... I hope most of your readers knew these points already, or I think they may be in the wrong profession. 6 years ago
  • @Ashok Luhar , @Bob Greene , @Igor Ovsyannykov and @Vinay Mittal - Thank you so much, I am glad you enjoyed the article! 6 years ago
  • @Ryan Toyota Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment, Ryan. I definitely agree with you that a logo need not signify what the brand sells. However there are definitely some classic logos out there which indicate what the brand sells immediately like the logo of For eg. Burger King. Although the 2 logos in context don't necessarily denote what the brand sells, I was just mentioning an idea, a possibility - not a necessity! :) Again, I enjoyed reading your comment - thanks so much! 6 years ago
  • @Mike Girard Hi Mike, I agree that people already in the design profession may find this article a tad repetitive. However, there are lot of designers out there who are self taught and these kind of articles might be helpful for people just starting out :) 6 years ago
  • Great article, Chaitra! And don't listen to MG… this article is perfect for the Creative Market audience. 6 years ago
  • Thanks Chaitra, good article. it will be a handy reference when discussing logo briefs with clients, particularly Paul Rand's quote, Some's it up nicely. 6 years ago
  • Thanks Chaitra, Followed a link to here from your blog. and now using your pointers to design my logo 6 years ago
  • Thanks for this article, I think this article is for every designer from starters, self-toughts to experienced ones, designers should always have this in mind! 6 years ago
  • Great article! Great quotes! 6 years ago
  • Nike and Apple logo are my all time favorite. Loved the quote "Anyone can design a logo, but not everone can design the right logo". I am also waiting for cool sports logo for my online sports accessories website from a crowdsourcing website Designhill. I hope I will get the "Right Logo". 5 years ago
  • Great examples! thanks you for the post! 4 years ago
  • Good concise points! 4 years ago