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8 Fictional Brand Logos We Wish They'd Use

By on May 2, 2016 in Humor
8 Fictional Brand Logos We Wish They'd Use

Ah, the spec brand redesign. It’s a common piece of work in a lot of designer portfolios, especially younger folks. There’s something about a redesigned logo that captures our imagination. Maybe it’s because it’s a fresh take on a visual that we as consumers see so much. Or maybe it’s because a logo is such a pure graphic design asset that it’s exciting to see it in a new form. Either way, we’re suckers for a great logo redesign project.

Below, we’ve collected our favorite reimagined logo designs. Some serious, some satirical. Marks that are so good, or so different, that we sometimes wish brands would swap their old IDs out for these new ones.

1 – Snapchat

Snapchat’s yellow branding is a familiar visual identity, with the social network boasting almost 2 billion users worldwide. This is a subtle re-imagining of the current logo, with a tweaking of the ghost icon and a few changes to make the line art less heavy:

snapchatPin ItRedesign by Diana Wieczorek, via Dribbble

2 - SoundCloud

Millions of users see SoundCloud’s logo every time they stream a song, so it makes sense for it to look as good as possible. This is another subtle refresh, giving the existing logo a more modern shape and updating the type to a cleaner, lower case sans serif face:

img_5910Pin ItRedesign by Chris Salvador, via Dribbble3 – NASA

NASA’s current logo is an iconic one for sure, but there’s no harm in what imagining what could be. After all, that’s what space exploration is all about. We like this negative space solution:

nasalargePin ItRedesign by Max Lapteff, via Dribbble

3 - LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a corporate brand, so it’s unrealistic to think it could ever have an off-the-wall, experimental visual identity. Instead, this redesign doesn’t stray too far from the mark and simply gives it a bit more of a humanistic, friendly feel:

009---linkedinPin ItRedesign by Juho Henell, via Dribbble

4 – Instagram

Instagram is another brand with over a billion users around the world, so there’s a lot of users to keep happy. We like this gradient-driven approach with its fresh colors and flat look, it brings the brand in line with design trends of late:

insgrm7Pin ItRedesign by Anton Kovalev, via Dribbble

5 – Yahoo

While Yahoo! is perhaps not as popular as it was a few years ago, it’s still important to keep the brand looking as fresh as possible. This reimagining takes inspiration from the smiles found in other logos like Amazon’s, and gives the brand a friendlier face so to speak:

yahoo_logo_designPin ItRedesign by Adrian Brand, via Dribbble

6 – The Chicago Bulls

The current Chicago Bulls logo is widely regarded to be one of the greatest sporting marks of all time, and rightly so. But there’s nothing wrong with a little imaginary tweak now and then. This fresh coat of paint makes the logo a hair more modern, and the incorporation of a basketball into the identity is a clever touch:

bullsPin ItRedesign by Alen Pavlovic, via Dribbble

7 – Tesla

A strong, confident sans serif typeface; and a subtle lightning bolt glyph for the ‘S’. This logo has loads of energy:

teslaPin ItRedesign by Ameen Al Saqqaf, via Dribbble

8 – Yelp

Yelp is one of those brands that seems to have outgrown its initial visual identity. We like the freshness of this logo redesign concept. Five stars. Would look at again:

yelp_-_dribbble_-_smallPin ItRedesign by Pontus Börjesson, via Dribbble

9 – MTV

Here’s one that’s a bit left of centre. MTV benefits from having an eccentric branding history that allows it to stray pretty far from their core logo and still be recognised in the minds of consumers. This culinary-inspired mark is no different:

mtv-gif-final-dribbblePin ItRedesign by Danielle Evans, via Dribbble

10 – McDonald’s

And finally, one that we know McDonald’s would never use, but is nonetheless pretty funny. We’re lovin’ it:

mcdonaldsPin ItRedesign by Maentis, via Tumblr

What’s your take? Which logo redesigns would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I feel that 3, 5, and 7 sacrifice clarity for "creativity". Fun examples of reinterpreting logos, but I see more of what logo design should avoid then strive for in most of these cases. Especially the NASA logo. Is the negative space element really more important than half the S in NASA?

  2. That Yahoo! one is creeping me out, like that annoying kid that won't stop spying on your slumber party through the 2nd floor window — it's actually pretty fitting for what Yahoo! has become.

  3. Love the Snapchat, Nasa and Tesla re-imagines. Look, at the end of the day, designing a logo is not about the one or two people who like the look of it. It's about how well it communicates to its target market. Many of these companies spend millions in research and concentrate on the majority of their target market...that is, the one that actually brings in cash.

    I have to add, though. I think the current re-design of the Instagram icon was a mistake. Can't wait for a new redesign.

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