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ABC Design Project: Creative Letters for Charity

Creative Market March 27, 2024 · 6 min read

Earlier this year, we started an exciting side project by asking 26 of our shop owners to help us celebrate our first year anniversary! The idea was pretty simple: make each letter of the alphabet represent an element or principle of design. Then, we asked some of shop owners to illustrate their letter’s designated concept. The illustrations that we got back from these talented individuals were amazing, and we’re delighted to share the results with you today!
We partnered with our friends at Help Ink to offer prints and posters of the illustrated letters, with the proceeds supporting All Hands and their recovery efforts in the Philippines.
Browse and purchase your favorite letters for friend or a loved one this holiday season – all in the spirit of charity.

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The official ABC Design Project Poster features all of the letters, and comes in 3 different sizes: 24″ x 32″, 18″ x 24″, and 12″ x 16″.
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A – Aesthetics by Sean McCabe


The study of the mind and emotions in relation to the sense of beauty, in order to establish meaning and validity of critical judgements concerning works of art.
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B – Balance by Nathan Williams


A state of holding an object in equilibrium or tension. An equal distribution of weight or amounts.
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C – Color by Peter Olexa


The quality of an object or substance with respect to light reflected by that object; determined by measuring the hue, saturation, and brightness of reflected light.
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D – Direction by Ed Brown


A position on a line extending from a specific point towards another point; the point or region itself. Also, a line of thought, action, tendency or inclination.
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E – Emphasis by Frisk Web


A quality created by contrasting size, positioning, color, style or shape in order to lay upon an object or subject a special importance or stress.
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F – Form by Dina Khandy


A 3-dimensional object having volume and thickness, allowing the object to viewed from many angles.
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G – Grid by Gemma Garner


A structure made up of a series of intersecting straight or curved vertical, horizontal and angular lines that is used to organize elements and content.
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H – Hierarchy by Mia Charro


Arranging elements from most important to least important through size and emphasis so that it leads the viewer through each element in order of its significance to understanding the content of a design and its goals.
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I – Image by Morgana Lamson


A physical likeness or representation of a visible object; an optically formed reproduction that resembles a visual element and the understood meaning applied to it.
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J – Justification by Lin Chervenkova


In typesetting, justification is the typographic alignment setting of text or images within a column in order to align the left and right margins vertically.
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K – Kerning by Kimmy Kirkwood


The process of adding or subtracting space between a specific pair of characters or letters. In a larger sense, kerning turns into tracking – the process of loosening or tightening a block of text.
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L – Line by Laura Worthington


A fundamental mark or stroke on a surface of which the length is longer than the width; connecting two separate points.
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M – Margin

by Marusha Belle
The edge or space immediately adjacent to or surrounding an object or element. Margins are used to create space around content to increase visibility, structure and legibility. Also referred to has a border.
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N – Narrative by The Warehouse


The art, technique and process of sharing a story or an account of events and experiences that may be of either a true or fictitious nature.
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O – Opacity by Brendan Ciecko


The measure of visual opaqueness of an object, which determines how much you can see through the element. The more opaque an object, the less you can see through it–which is called transparency.
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P – Proportion by Justin Skinner


The use of relative size of elements in contrast to each other to attract attention to a focal point.
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Q – Query by Gilang Purnama


The process of retrieving information through the presentation of questions; an inquiry is usually to call attention to an item in order to explore its validity or accuracy.
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R – Rhythm by Marina Zlochin


The repetition or alteration of elements with defined intervals between them to create a sense of movement and pattern. Rhythm varies between regular, flowing and progressive in style and frequency.
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S – Shape by Lil Squid


An area defined by a direct or implied boundary that creates contrast from the space next to or around it.
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T – Texture by Soledad Martinez


The surface quality of an object, either actual (tactile) or visual (simulated). The sensation of touching a tactile texture ranges from rough to smooth, or an implication of these qualities through only visual sensation.
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U – Unity by Matt Hull


Arrangement of elements in a contextual, agreeable way, so that no individual part is viewed are more important than the whole design.
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V – Value by Matt Borchert


The degree of variation between light and dark. Depending on context, value describes all tonal ranges from high to low contrast.
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W – White (Negative) Space by Christopher King


The space around and between the subject of an image or group of elements, which offers the ability to balance between positive and negative space in composition.
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X – X-Height by Mattox Shuler


In typography, the height of the lowercase letter “x” which represents the most important area of a letterform for 90% of lowercase characters.
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Y – YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) by Gerren Lamson


You may have different experiences or results. What worked for one designer, may vary for another: so plan accordingly.
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Z – Zoom by Norm Sheeran


The act of bringing forward or backwards a subject or scene into closeup through a lens.
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Looking for more?

We’ve put together a few extra pieces of artwork based on the letters of this project in the form of note cards and wood art products below. Enjoy!
Wood Art: DESIGN
Note Card: DESIGN

Thank You, One and All

The Creative Market team would like to thank everyone whose participated on our site. Our first year has been incredibly special, and we couldn’t have done it without all of you. You are all amazing.

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