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  • Horrible... It's not even centered. 6 years ago
  • Overall I like the new better, the three orange circles was a bit much for the eyes. The box with the letters together is more legible — however the perceived size different between that huge 'C' and the thin '2' is indeed disturbing, and was less noticeable in the former version. It's a trade-off: better look but flawed text-design. 6 years ago
  • Like the new one. 6 years ago
  • not a fan, simple is good but come on 6 years ago
  • I didn't mind it until Salient Graphics pointed out that it's not centered. lol And now I hate it just because of that since that is all I see when I look at it now. 6 years ago
  • New is better, but it still needs work. 6 years ago
  • RAD! much cleaner and versatile imo 6 years ago
  • Ya'll should look up "mechanical alignment" vs. "visual alignment" ... It is centered. You didn't know it wasn't until you measured just to be able to say something. Typography 101 folks. But all that said I don't think this logo holds any benefit over their old one. It's not bad though. The rectangle around it may better suggest a "room" or "table" without hitting you over the head. So I think perhaps a slight improvement, but I'm indifferent. 6 years ago
  • Looks similar to the EQ3 logo. It's "OK" but could've been more original. 6 years ago