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The Best Procreate Brushes for Lettering

Creative Market April 15, 2024 · 6 min read
Countless apps

let you draw and design on mobile devices, but one of the most powerful is Procreate, an app designed for the iPad. Procreate allows users to utilize brushes that come in a variety of textures, weights and sizes. They provide users with a traditional drawing tool, which can be used for hand lettering and much more. If you want to collect some awesome brushes for your Procreate app to make new hand-lettered fonts, check out these outstanding brushes.

Chalk Press Procreate Brush

The Chalk Press Procreate Brush from PrintableHaven gives you a faux chalk look. With built-in pressure sensitivity, this brush is great for a myriad of applications such as education and the restaurant industry.

Procreate Ink Box

If you’re looking for inking brushes, the Procreate Ink Box is a great brush set. It includes 14 inking brushes in a variety of weights and textures that are terrific for creating comics.

Dry Brush Paintbox for Procreate

Dry Brush Paintbox

from LisaBardot mimics extremely realistic texture. With the brushes in this set of 10, you can produce letters that look as if they were truly created with dry bushes, by hand.

Procreate Pastellesque Brushes

Procreate Pastellesque Brushes

are four distinct brushes intended to create a pastel-like look. These brushes are great for creating a smudged, smoky, even mystical look.

Procreate Brushes: Basic Toolkit

To cover all your Procreate basics, try out the Procreate Brushes: Basic Toolkit. From LisaBardot, this set includes the brushes she most frequently uses when doing design work.

Gouache Paintbox for Procreate

If you’re into a mid-century aesthetic or love the look of the work of Mary Blair, then you’ll love Gouache Paintbox for Procreate. The brushes replicate the look of real gouache paint.

Procreate – 8 Calligraphy Brushes

You can take advantage of eight calligraphy brushes in one bundle with Procreate – 8 Calligraphy Brushes by Lefty Script. These brushes were created with calligraphy in mind, so they’re an excellent choice for anyone focused on lettering.

The Brush Pen Procreate Brush

Another brush made for lettering, the Brush Pen Procreate Brush recreates the look of the brush pen on an iPad screen.

Procreate – Bistro Markers

To recreate the lettering you see on chalkboards at your local cafe, try Procreate – Bistro Markers. The set includes one brush with a translucent glaze, and one that is solid.

Chalk Letterer Box for Procreate

Chalk Letterer Box for Procreate

contains 27 brushes for chalk lettering. This is another good set for anyone who wants to produce a cafe chalkboard look.

Procreate Brush Box Vol. 03

Petra Burger designed Procreate Brush Box Vol. 03, which contains 14 distinct Procreate brushes. Eight of the brushes are for hand lettering, and six are decor brushes, which means you can use this set for a wide variety of projects.

SHARPIE Fine Point Brush Pack

The SHARPIE FinePoint Brush Pack mimics the look of permanent markers for lettering. The brushes come in three weights and styles, and you can also use them in silver and gold.

iPad Lettering Brush – Monoline

iPad Lettering Brush – Monoline

is another terrific brush that mimics Sharpie lettering. Use this brush set for easy script lettering with a uniform thickness.

Hand-Lettering Kit for Everyday

This Hand-Lettering Kit for Everyday has an apt name because it contains a four brushes that can be used for everyday lettering projects. In this kit, you’ll find a brush pen, fine point Sharpie, LYRA aqua brush duo, and a Crayola marker brush.

iPad Lettering Brush for Procreate

This brush set, called Morgan by its creator, includes both rough and smooth brushes. It’s perfect for script lettering, and it can help you give your lettering a fun and whimsical feel.

iPad Lettering Brush Bundle

This brush bundle designed by Sasha Hickson includes four distinct brushes and installation instructions. The brushes in the iPad Lettering Brush Bundle were created from source images discovered by the designer.

Procreate Lettering Brushes Set #2

The Procreate Lettering Brushes Set #2 contains four brushes made specifically for lettering.

iPad Lettering Brush Canvas

The brush in the iPad Lettering Brush Canvas is dramatically textured, allowing you to make effects like chalk lettering and hand painting.

Procreate Lettering 17-Brush Bundle

Take advantage of the brushes in this Procreate Lettering 17-Brush Bundle. Each of these brushes was made for lettering, and every brush has its own weight, texture and purpose.

Procreate Paint Box

The Procreate Paint Box is a great resource for lettering brushes. It contains 12 distinct brushes and helpful installation instructions.

25 Lettering Brushes for Procreate

Another brush set created solely for the purpose of lettering, the 25 Lettering Brushes for Procreate include a wide variety of brushes and calligraphy pens. Choose this set if you want to design a diverse set of letters or fonts because the brushes vary widely in texture and weight.

Procreate Brush Bundle 2017 Edition

The Procreate Brush Bundle 2017 Edition is one of the biggest sets available, containing 84 brushes. One of the perks of purchasing this set is that the designer, Petra Burger, has included all of its past brushes and will throw in all of the brushes it produces in the future.

12 iPad Brushes (Procreate)

12 iPad Brushes (Procreate)

has 12 distinct brushes designed for hand lettering. They’re meant for beginners and have long, lean, pressure-sensitive strokes, so they’re a wonderful place to start.

Procreate Chalk Lettering Brush Pack

Anyone looking to create chalk letters will love the Procreate Chalk Lettering Brush Pack. It includes 17 custom chalk brushes.

Pack of 8 Procreate Brushes

The Pack of 8 Procreate Brushes has eight unique brushes with varying textures and styles. You will find calligraphy pens, watercolor brushes, and marker brushes.

Once you’ve found your favorite Procreate brushes on Creative Market, installing them is easy — all you need is a DropBox account. Simply purchase and download the brush files from Creative Market, then complete the following steps:

  • Place the files in your DropBox account.
  • Open Procreate app, tap the brush icon, then select the brush set where you want your new brushes to end up.
  • Tap the “+” sign in the top right corner of the brush palette, choose “import,” then “import from.”
  • Select DropBox from the menu, then find and select your brush files and tap “Done.”

Once you’ve installed your new brushes, have fun testing them out to create even more fun and eye-catching hand-lettered fonts.

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