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​​Introducing Our New Certified Badge

By on Feb 24, 2020 in Announcements
​​Introducing Our New Certified Badge

On March 9th, 2020 we will remove the Certified Program from Creative Market. Shop applications are no longer being reviewed as of Feb. 24th, 2020. To learn more about this change, please visit our FAQ page. 

Every day, Creative Market shop owners from around the world design unique assets to help you bring your ideas to life. This marketplace is now home to over 3 million products, covering all kinds of creative needs, including modern fonts, detailed illustrations, entire website themes, and more. With so many wonderful options, have you ever wished you could quickly narrow your choices down to the most distinct, high quality assets? Meet Certified by Creative Market, our new badge and review program for exceptional design products.

Reviewing Extraordinary Design

Here’s the thing: you are rigorous, and so are we. Certified by Creative Market is a guarantee that the product you’re looking at has passed our Design Curator’s extensive, manual quality check of 20+ items. These are just some of the things we’re looking for:

  • Impeccable file organization: Certified products are organized in a way that makes your life easier. Layers are properly arranged, where applicable. Labels are clear and pertinent.
  • High flexibility: Certified assets are easily adaptable. Colors and elements, where applicable, are easy to modify. Layers aren’t flattened, facilitating edits.
  • Professional execution: The overall composition is clean and elements are properly generated, displaying high technical skill.
  • Stylistic uniqueness: These products stand out for their original aesthetic and will add distinctive character to your projects. Not repetitive or generic-looking.
  • Visual cohesion and consistency: In products that include multiple items (like icons or fonts), our curator looks for visual harmony and balanced sets.
  • Superior graphic quality: There is no pixelation and the files offer superb performance in the medium they’re meant for (screen or print).
  • Thoughtful layouts: Spacing and placement are well-considered. Where applicable, there’s a clear grid.

Meet our Curator

Liz Meyer is a New York-based designer & illustrator with a BFA in Communication Design. Specializing in editorial and conceptual pieces, she is also an alumna of the prestigious typography program at Cooper Union. Her former clients include Time Magazine, Newsweek, and Fast Company. Liz joined the Creative Market team in 2018, and is our resident expert in design curation.

Exceptional Assets, Certified

Moving forward, just look out for the Certified symbol to quickly spot assets that have gone through this rigorous evaluation program. We’re excited to see what you’ll build with these inspiring products!


  1. joshuared

    Do all products go through a certification review or is there a way to have your shop assessed for certification?

  2. eveofcreation

    Laura, that link does not work. I got a 404 error and this message: The page you were looking for was not found.

  3. eveofcreation

    Same error, Laura. I am signed in... Can anyone else access the link that Laura posted or is it just me who cannot see it? Thanks.

  4. MehmetRehaTugcu

    Funny how the cost of the program isn't mentioned. Authors will have to pay an extra 10% to participate in the program.

  5. Eva-Katerina

    Well, it looks like other products are not high-quality in your opinion... Great support for the rest designers.. It looks like you’re calling: Hey, only in our «Certified» you will find good products, feel free to IGNORE other shops, just IGNORE THEM!...
    I’m so disappointed in you guys recently.. 😔REALLY DISAPPOINTED... :(

  6. alainab85

    Will there be a monthly bundle anytime soon? There wasn't one for January last month? I keep checking here each day in February to no avail.

  7. Watercolour_CapeTown

    Oh this is brilliant!!!! will be great when searching for items, i assume certified items will show up first on searches?

  8. carondesign

    Very good idea because I as a buyer have purchased items before that were not what they said they were.

  9. M.Smith

    @Laura Busche, The above link does not work for me either. Like Eve Paludan, I keep getting 404 error even though I am signed in.

  10. digitalsweetu

    Good news!
    But How can I submit my item for review or How to get a new certified badge for my uploaded item?


  11. Wallifyer

    The badge is not unbiased. It comes with a 10% pricetag for the maker of the content. This is not mentioned in the article. It's not only the good quality talking but also a pricetag attached to it. Just to be transparent with the certification. It is not very clear in the article.

  12. HauteGraphique

    This is interesting. So ones pays to become certified. Who judges whether ones work is worthy of certification? What are their qualifications to judge? or is it as long as you pay you can become certified?

  13. Sargatal

    I find this idea interesting, also makes sense to pay 10% more in exchange for the reviewer work (don’t forget that testing a product and deliver a report takes a while) and the gaining exposure. It is a win-win situation with long-term benefits. Just waiting for more info and understanding the details of the process, and of course, looking for a badge! :-)

  14. rubysupernova

    As a buyer, I need to know whether product certification is pay-to-play. It affects my attitude to uncertified items. "Low quality product" is one thing, "didn't join a paid scheme" is another. If you tell us what we're dealing with, it enables better buying decisions.

    Every certified item contains an explanation of the scheme, so that would be a perfect place to mention that it's paid-for.


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