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25 Fully Customizable City and Landmark Icon Sets

By on Sep 18, 2017 in Inspiration
25 Fully Customizable City and Landmark Icon Sets

Icons play a significant role in web design as they can easily communicate the message on the page.  Icons make a web page more engaging and pleasing to the eyes. They also provide information in a snap.

Travel websites, blogs, and social sites use icons to make their posts inviting and appealing to site visitors. Landmark images are great because you get to showcase a spectacular, famous place in a small, creative manner.

Instead of the usual boring list of items, designers also use icons to parade the website’s products and services. Lists are perfect for enumeration, but they tend to be dull and tedious. Icons, on the other hand, provide information to viewers in an inviting and entertaining manner.

They are also informative and educational. Visitors of travel sites and blogs can easily find clues about the subject matter through icons. Like when you see an image showing Burj Khalifa, you’ll automatically – and correctly – think that the page or message has something to do with Dubai, UAE.

Using city and landmark icons as part of the site’s web design also adds a certain charm on the page. People are visual creatures. We get excited morewhen we see pictures than when we see text after text of information. Taking advantage of travel icons to boost your travel-related or geography-related website or blog is a smart idea.

Here are 25 fully-customizable city and landmark icons from Creative Market to improve your website.

1. 24 Landmark Flat Icons

Designed by roundicons.com, this set of contains 24 famous landmarks in a flat format. The editable graphics are available in different formats: PNG, SVG, AI, PSD, Sketch and Iconjar.

2. Famous Landmarks – Line Style Icons

Created by popcic, this pack of icons features outlined vectors of some of the world’s most famous landmarks: Burj Al Arab in Dubai, Eiffel Tower in Paris, Big Ben in London, etc. All graphics are designed for scaling and stroking.

3. Landmarks Color Vector Icons

Designed by Jisun Park, this set contains 20 colored vector icons of famous landmarks around the world. All illustrations are presented in a high-resolution JPG format.

4. 150+ World Capital Illustration

Designed by Creative Stall, this bundle contains over 150 illustrations of world capitals, famous landmarks, state buildings and presidential palaces all over the world. The pack features four different styles of these editable icons.

5. World’s Famous Landmarks

Created by eucalypt, this pack features 120 of the world’s famous landmarks. All icons can be edited for easy customization using Adobe Illustrator.

6. Landmark Icons

Designed by iconka, this bundle of landmark icons is available in three formats: PNG, SVG and AI. These icons are suitable for web and print use.

7. Sketches of Famous Places

Created by IvanFet, this pack contains a variety of sketches of the world’s most popular landmarks and places. The graphics are available for personal and commercial use.

8. US State Capitols Icon Set

Designed by JozsefBalazs-Hegedus, this set features illustrations of the U.S. state capitols. All graphics are outlined, editable, and scalable.

9. American Capitals Icon Set

Created by JozsefBalazs-Hegedus, this pack includes famous landmarks or buildings for each U.S. capitals. The set contains illustrator files that easy to customize and scalable vector graphics.

10. 40 World Famous Vector Landmarks

Designed by Avny, this bundle includes 40 popular landmarks from different cities around the world. The high-resolution, easy-to-customize illustrations are suitable for travel projects.

11. Set of 9 Arabian Cities Skylines

Created by Grop, this pack includes famous cities and skylines in the Middle East. The high-resolution vector illustrations sport a trendy linear style.

12. 17 Singapore Icons

Designed by Palau, this small bundle includes 17 famous landmarks in Singapore. All vector graphics are fully editable.

13. Icons Chinese Major Cities

Created by robuart, this pack contains flat icons of major cities and landmarks in China. The illustrations are in black-and-white format.

14. 16 Flat Landmark Icons

Designed by Anton, this set features 16 flat landmark icons in different variants like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Mt. Fuji, Wat Arun Temple and Taj Mahal. The vector file graphics are suited for web and print use.

15. African Capital Landmarks

Created by JozsefBalazs-Hegedus, this pack contains 54 landmarks – mostly historical – that represent African capitals. The illustrations are available in different formats.

16. World Cities Illustrations

Designed by ProSymbols, this bundle features colored and black outlined icons of different cities around the world. Each flat icon can be saved either in SVG or PNG format.

17. Most Famous Landmarks of the World

Created by Alfazet Chronicles, this set includes 48 world-famous landmarks, 8 ready-made illustrations, 43 postage stamps, and 32 means of transportation. All illustrations are in the same color scheme and uniform graphic design.

18. World Skylines and Landmarks

Designed by Creative Graphics, this pack contains highly-detailed icons of skylines and landmarks around the world. The vector graphics are editable and scalable.

19. Australian Symbols

Created by Molesko Studio, this set features bright-colored icons of Australian map and symbols. The pack includes six vector illustrations and six high-res JPG files.

20. Over 200 Travel Icons Bundle

Produced by Decorwith.me Shop, this mega bundle contains vector flat travel-related icons such as camping sites, cities and landmarks, and vacation destinations. The graphics are represented in two options: with and without circles.

21. Asian Capital Landmarks

Created by JozsefBalazs-Hegedus, this package covers landmarks of 46 Asian capitals with two bonus Asian cities. The illustrations are suitable for personal and commercial use.

22. European Capital Landmarks

Made by JozsefBalazs-Hegedus, this package features 46 famous landmarks and cities all over Europe. The vector graphics are available in various formats: AI, EPS, SVG, PSD and CSH.

23. Icons Popular Cities

Created by Best Pixels, the set delivers 30 vector city icons including Berlin, San Francisco, Hong Kong, St. Petersburg, London, Jerusalem, and so on. The illustrations are presented in AI file.

24. 24 City Badges and Vector Stamps

Designed by Dreamstale, this bundle has 24 icons of city badges and international landmarks. All graphics are 100 percent vector files and are suitable for web and print use.

25. 16 City Landmark Icons

Made by Creative VIP, this pack has 16 icons of different city landmarks that include: the London Bridge, Taj Mahal, Petronas Towers, and the Eiffel Tower. The illustrations are available in different formats.


All these bundles are ready for instant purchase and download. Buying premade icons is a better idea than making your own as you get to save time, money, and resources.

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