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Confessions of a Guilty Designer: 15 Bold Admissions

Creative Market March 31, 2021 · 1 min read

I’m willing to bet there are some skeletons in your closet. Hey, it’s cool, we’ve all made mistakes. It’s not good to keep all that stuff inside though. It eats at you. A little confession is good for the soul. Here are fifteen confessions from guilty designers who feel that they need to get something off their chest.
If you see something you’re guilty of, Pin, Tweet, or otherwise share it out. If you don’t see one that relates to your particular case of design guilt, write a new one and share it out on social with the hashtag #designerConfessions. This is a judgment free zone. Vent away.

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  • After a crummy day this has properly made me laugh out loud... fantastic work! 7 years ago
  • OHMYGOSH these are great! 7 years ago
  • I used Comic Sans in early 2000. I thought it was cool :( 7 years ago
  • This made me laugh so hard :)) hehe. 7 years ago
  • So true!!!! 7 years ago
  • These are wonderful. They need one about a client who wants you to kinda-sorta rip off a design. Can you make it look the same but different? 7 years ago
  • Haha! I don't really helvetica *gasp* 7 years ago
  • Yes, I really did use that image from the Microsoft Clip Art Gallery. 7 years ago
  • Mine would be: I'm always the last to order in a restaurant, because I'm too busy critiquing the menu design 7 years ago
  • I'm horribly guilty about bugging my friends with the public naming of typefaces. ;w; 7 years ago
  • @Kim Moore & @Laura Kennedy great additions! 7 years ago
  • Ahahahaha lovely!!! The FedEx arrow...that's me!!! 7 years ago
  • I know Comic Sans became a joke long ago, but please remember it exists for a reason : It's the easiest typeface for people with dyslexia. Very funny confessions though. 7 years ago
  • Lovely post! this is trending on Creative Buzz right now: 7 years ago
  • Comic Sans is good for certain, very specific uses. But the hate/joke from Comic Sans is caused by bad usage - for example office use or even graves (yes, it did happen) 7 years ago
  • Totally brilliant. 7 years ago
  • One of mine : after being moved to another country without my personal staff; I've designed several projects (including sites and photo-correcting) on the laptop with a monitor replaced by a cheap one (due to its break) before I finally could buy a new good quality monitor. Passing through the work I've done on this monitor - what a surprise. I mean bad surprise.. 7 years ago
  • @Paul Bridge science may disagree with you on that: 7 years ago
  • Anonymous
    Why would anyone miss Adobe Flash, piece of Sh!T faux web technology. 7 years ago
  • jajajajaja the fedex logo and auto trace my favorites! thanks for this! jajaja make my day 7 years ago
  • Hahaha I'm guilty of not owning a Mac :( 7 years ago
  • I loved this! Great confessions - I have to admit that I have a few of these skeletons! Thanks for sharing! 7 years ago
  • I always name fonts loudly and my mates hate this LOL. Yes that's me :( 7 years ago
  • I never back up the database and files when I upgrade WordPress. 7 years ago
  • @Laura Kennedy That cracked me up! Guilty, also! 7 years ago
  • Totally guilty of using images from Google 7 years ago
  • "I don't own a mac"?? you can perfectly buy a badass 4k screen and perfectly work on windows. 7 years ago
  • Thank you for reminding me why I hate being a designer 7 years ago
  • :) :) 7 years ago
  • So funny :D 7 years ago
  • hahaha...Totally guilty with 3 or 4 of them. 7 years ago
  • Every one a true story... :) 7 years ago
  • Haha! I name fonts out loud all the time... 7 years ago
  • Let's see ... have used images from Google ... check. Project went to print with a typo ... check. Aaaaand, I don't own a Mac (gasp!) ... check. Use one at work though. Does that count? :) 7 years ago
  • LOL! these are so funny, so good. 7 years ago
  • Almost everything about me, except these ones :)) 7 years ago
  • My confession : I don't own a Mac ... ;) 7 years ago
  • I bitch out loud about badly laid out signs, menus, etc and The Mystery of Curves eludes me to this day. PS: Magnetic lasso needs to be taken out back and shot. 7 years ago
  • There is a spoon in the FedEx logo also...just saying 7 years ago
  • I do all my design work on my PC and I own a Mac! 7 years ago
  • I sometimes take the easy way and completely centre my design. or I'm actually a plumber who just bought a Mac. or I heard about Adobe but I don't really know what it is. 1st Me the rest NOT! 7 years ago
  • Brilliant! :-) 7 years ago
  • I build all my web graphics in InDesign >. 7 years ago
  • Hilarious! Nice to know I am not alone. hee hee 7 years ago
  • love it... does anybody know what font this is? i don't! please help!!! 7 years ago
  • [@DÃ¥ve Hall](user:471313) What's the point of saving the wordpress to backup when you retrieve it to find that it's broken unlike when you saved it. lol 7 years ago
  • @Josh Johnson, I think you are on your way to inventing a new sub-genre of stand up comedy: Designer rants :-) 7 years ago
  • I absolutely bloody hate material/flat design, as it looks like something made by a 5 year old. I also can't stand white, particularly in backgrounds. It gives me a migraine. The dress was light blue and yellow, according to Photoshop's colour tool. ;) I wouldn't buy a Mac (or anything else by Apple) if you put a gun to my head. I know how a computer works, I don't need a Mac. In short, I'm not a bloody hipster. ;) And seeing other designers looking like cavemen, acting like they're stuck in the 1970's, whilst wearing their grandparents' clothes, it makes me ashamed to be a Designer. That said, hilarious posters! :D 7 years ago
  • Technically, I did make the logo bigger...does 101% count? 7 years ago
  • I bought one of the very early Macs. But when the company I worked for decided to standardize on the PC, I replaced my Mac with a PC. Sob. 7 years ago
  • Guilty! Thanks for putting a smile on my face today. 7 years ago
  • Very clever! Funny too! 7 years ago
  • Lol awesome post! I'm totally guilty of tne FedEx one for sure! 7 years ago
  • i really miss flash sometimes..and i hate steve jobs for this :D 7 years ago
  • Gold dress one has a typo - 'the' is repeated 7 years ago
  • :) funny 7 years ago
  • Hehe, love all of these. Also guilty of not owning a mac! 7 years ago
  • Funny and true!! 7 years ago
  • When a client's put you through 10 amendment stages, yes, that typo can stay put. Ignorance can sometimes be bliss! 7 years ago
  • Perfect... and yes, I am guilty. Fun Monday. 7 years ago
  • I took that image from Google, then auto traced it. :P 7 years ago
  • Couldn't be funnier....♥ 7 years ago
  • ...Just Googled "Arrow in FedEx logo"... 7 years ago
  • Diggin' it ! 6 years ago
  • I don't have a Mac either and I'm not ashamed of that in any way. In fact, the less I have to deal with them, the better. 6 years ago
  • @Jesus Bohorquez I would charge at least double if I had to work on windows. 6 years ago
  • [@DÃ¥ve Hall](user:471313) LOL 6 years ago
  • 'I'm actually colour blind'.... That's me! Haha, brill post. 6 years ago
  • I don't think not owning a Mac is a "guilty confession" It's an expectation for sure... I own both and prefer to do 90% of my work on my totally kickass PC custom built rocket ship (that would have cost the same as a small car if Mac)... Guilty, nah, financially smart ;) But I loved these. Auto-trace, bwahahaha... guilty :/ 6 years ago
  • Great article :) 5 years ago
  • Mine: Almost all sans fonts look the same. Almost all serif fonts look the same. To me. And I don't know the names of any of them. 5 years ago
  • I still own a mac, but I think Microsoft might out designer then soon. I'm considering non mac forms of design. That new dial tool looks mind blowing. Loved this article:) 5 years ago
  • What font is used in these images? 5 years ago