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Designing a Website for 2014

Maryam Taheri March 31, 2021 · 3 min read

The world of design is constantly changing and evolving and designers are put in the position of needing to progress and adapt in order to keep up with the shifting nature of it. As we head into 2014, it’s fair to expect that significant changes will continue to occur. Some trends will continue on in the same direction while others will disappear or be replaced with something completely different. When making considerations for web design in the upcoming year, it’s important to consider both trends that are emerging as well as trends that are on their way out.

Continuous Scrolling

This is a design element that many great sites already have in place. If you scroll down the page, you keep seeing new content instead of having to click to get elsewhere on the site. This is an important trend as it not only feeds continuous content to the user, it also requires changing other parts of the design, such as floating navigation, etc.

Adapting to Screen Resolution

As technology continues to get more sophisticated, design is evolving to keep up. Screens are getting bigger on tablets and phones and pixel density is increasing. This means that you can make fonts more intricate and also bigger, which can make tiny fonts look small or difficult to read. Expect to see fonts getting a bit bigger and to see more being done with them.

Keeping up with Mobile

All design will inevitably become more mobile in 2014. As web traffic on mobile continues to grow, its impossible to ignore the need for responsive web design. Instead of creating sites that are custom-tailored to mobile users, designers are working to create websites that are more responsive and will adjust to different devices without losing elements or aesthetic value. Focusing on one responsive site is a trend that is likely to continue well beyond 2014.

Slimmed down design

Flat design is at the forefront of all web design trends for the new year. Designers are continuing to trim the fat and keep esthetics flat and simple. It makes sense, too, that this trend would be growing in popularity as the smaller and simpler features not only look more streamlined, they also eat up less memory, which optimizes performance.

Static Homepages

In terms of trends that are likely to be on their way out, sliding homepage banners are at the top of the list. Users find this frustrating and difficult to navigate and, in line with the lean design approach of using every element of design for the same ultimate goal, the sliding homepage banners will be cut for reasons of not actually contribute much to the user experience. Instead, expect to see static homepages with continuous scrolling.

Parallax Scrolling

In addition to continuous scrolling, parallax scrolling is a new trend that saw its fair share of naysayers in the last year or two. But as designers get more experienced with it and understanding of its best uses continues to evolve, we can expect to see parallax scrolling steamroll into the new year to create some really visually stunning sites without the confusion and frustration it may have caused in the past.
Keep an eye on these design trends in the new year. The new websites you’ll see emerging in 2014 will definitely involve some, if not all, of these innovations.

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  • Great little article. Stripped back responsive design definitely seems where it's at, at the moment. 9 years ago
  • Two points want to add, 1. Videos will be utilized more often(Background, scroll-to-play etc). 2. Animations/Transitions become key elements in modern websites and apps. More points to add, guys? 9 years ago
  • @tianhua where did you get that videos in backgrounds will be a trend that trend is on it's way out and should not be used as it distracts the viewer and increases load time :( 9 years ago
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  • parallax scrolling is 1. not a new trend 2. not suitable for most websites 3. a misc name given to nike free knock-off types of websites. continuous scrolling is 1. not a trend in itself, it's a consequence of websites trying to lazy-load assets trough ajax 2. ajax loading while scrolling is a very annoying practice, awfully resource hungry, jerky as crap - even when implemented properly 3. not suitable for most websites keeping up with mobile is 1. not necessary since apple launched the first iPhone(it had a proper browser, as do all smartphones today) 2. not necessary because mobile devices are catching up to desktop performance and have surpassed most laptops and desktops in resolution, ram speed and memory read/write speed, and even processing power (this is because most people change their phones or tablets about once in 2 years, and change their laptop/desktop once in 5-6 years, if they haven't replaced their laptop with a tablet pc by now). ps. the laptop i'm typing this on has the same amount of ram, same number of processing cores, worse gpu and worse screen resolution than my smartphone. 9 years ago
  • Background video trend, it's already on 2013! Let's looking forward what innovation coming on 2014! 9 years ago
  • What about clients don't really want a website with a parallax function? Some of my clients don't really want to scroll. Is really hard to teach some people about trends. 9 years ago