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Creative Market’s Latest Drop: 52 Exciting Shops and Their Products

Olivia Hoskin August 14, 2023 · 11 min read

Creative Market’s latest Drop is here, featuring an exciting array of creative items from 52 talented Shops. Whether you’re a designer, photographer, social media manager, or simply someone with an eye for aesthetics, this collection has something special for everyone. 

If you love these, you’ll also receive 20% discounts on the entire catalog as a Creative Market member.

Take a look at some of the standout items and their creators:

Forma UI Kit 

Erigon’s Forma UI Kit is a game-changer for UI/UX designers. With its sleek and modern design, this comprehensive kit offers a wide range of elements that will help you create stunning user interfaces with ease.

Graftyne Variable Display

Godbless Studio’s Graftyne Variable Display font is a typographic masterpiece. Its versatility, and elegant letterforms make it perfect for branding, headlines, and any design project requiring sophistication.

Yamas – A Soft Modern Serif Font 

Taylor Penton’s Yamas is a soft and elegant serif font that will add a touch of refinement to any design project. Its smooth curves and legible letterforms make it a great choice for branding, editorial work, and more.

Cognace Typeface 

Alterna Typefoundry’s Cognace Typeface exudes vintage charm and sophistication. With its classic appeal, this typeface is perfect for vintage-inspired designs, posters, packaging, and more.

Canva Social Media Template Bundle

Le Maison Bohem’s Canva Social Media Template Bundle is a must-have for social media managers and influencers. Elevate your online presence with these professionally designed and easily customizable templates.

Soul Food Social Media Pack 

Studio Mindu’s Soul Food Social Media Pack brings a fresh and engaging approach to social media content. With its delightful graphics and thoughtful designs, this pack is a must-have for social media managers and influencers alike.

Branding Client Questionnaire

Ryen Creative’s Branding Client Questionnaire is a valuable resource for designers. Streamline your branding process and gather essential information from clients with this thoughtful and well-designed questionnaire.

Writers Social Media Templates Vol.2 

September 5th’s Writers Social Media Templates Vol.2 is a writer’s dream come true. Elevate your online presence with these stylish and minimalist templates for showcasing your literary work.

Kodaro Unique Display Font

Vultype Co.’s Kodaro Unique Display Font adds a touch of boldness to any design project. Stand out from the crowd with this modern and eye-catching typeface, a true testament to Vultype’s creativity.

Natural Textures – Green edition v03

Haehae Photography’s Natural Textures – Green edition v03 brings the beauty of nature into your designs. This collection of stunning textures will breathe life into your projects and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Elora Minimal Office Photo Mockup

Creavora’s Elora Minimal Office Photo Mockup is a designer’s dream. Show off your artwork, prints, or digital products in a realistic and professional setting with these high-quality mockups.

INDESIGN Slide Deck Presentation 

Galgali Design Studio’s INDESIGN Slide Deck Presentation is a must-have for anyone creating presentations. With its clean and modern design, this template will help captivate your audience and deliver your message effectively.

Countryside – A Modern Serif Family 

Megi Satyo Widodo’s Countryside is a versatile serif font family that combines elegance and vintage charm. Whether you’re designing logos, packaging, or editorial materials, Countryside will add a sophisticated flair to your work.

The 90’s Branding Patterns 

Polar Vector’s The 90’s Branding Patterns offer a nostalgic trip back to the vibrant and eclectic style of the ’90s. These eye-catching patterns are perfect for adding a retro touch to your branding and design projects.

Flamingo Liquid Background 

KetteCreate’s Flamingo Liquid Background is a mesmerizing blend of colors and textures. This liquid-style background will add a unique and artistic touch to your designs, making them stand out.

Vintage Film: LR Presets Film Dust 

J.Studio’s Vintage Film: LR Presets Film Dust is a collection of Lightroom presets that emulate the look and feel of vintage film photography. Give your photos a timeless and nostalgic vibe with these carefully crafted presets.

Poster Mockup Set Modern Interior 1 

LEROY Design’s Poster Mockup Set Modern Interior 1 allows you to showcase your artwork and posters in a stylish and contemporary setting. These mockups are perfect for artists, designers, or anyone who wants to present their work professionally.

LUWIN PowerPoint Template 

Ompie Agrino’s LUWIN PowerPoint Template is a modern and versatile presentation template that will impress your audience. With its clean and well-organized slides, creating a compelling presentation has never been easier.

Hand-drawn Design Elements. Logos.

Designwork’s Hand-drawn Design Elements. Logos. the collection is a treasure trove of unique and charming logos. Whether you’re starting a new brand or adding a personal touch to your projects, these hand-drawn elements will make a statement.

KT Bureau Display Serif 

Kotivoro’s KT Bureau Display Serif is a bold, impactful typeface that demands attention. Perfect for headlines, posters, and branding, this font will elevate your designs to a new level.

Nicole Business PowerPoint Template

Mikokit’s Nicole Business PowerPoint Template is a modern and elegant option for business presentations. With its professional design and easy-to-customize slides, you can create a polished presentation quickly.


Fortunes Co’s MODULAR 16 FONTS collection is a must-have for typography enthusiasts. With a variety of styles and characters to choose from, this font set offers endless creative possibilities.

Brand Manual 

Elite_Standard’s Brand Manual is a comprehensive guide for creating and maintaining a consistent brand identity. Packed with helpful tips and templates, this manual is a valuable resource for businesses and designers.

Retro Instagram Story Templates 

Boltic Studio’s Retro Instagram Story Templates will take your Instagram game to the next level. With their vintage-inspired designs, these templates will add a touch of nostalgia and personality to your stories.

Monrovia Modern Serif Font 

Get Studio’s Monrovia Modern Serif Font is a clean and stylish typeface that works well for almost any project. This font will make your text look elegant and refined, from logos to headlines.

Replay Sixties Rounded Serif 

Dharmas Studio’s Replay Sixties Rounded Serif is a delightful font with a playful touch. Its rounded edges and 1960s-inspired vibe make it an excellent choice for designs requiring retro charm.

Spot UV Business Card Mockup – Bright

Thengtiger’s Spot UV Business Card Mockup – Bright is a collection of mockups that allow you to showcase your business card designs with a spot UV effect. This attention-grabbing technique will make your cards stand out and leave a lasting impression.

ORUGUITAS Modern Serif Font 

Ryn Pojas’ ORUGUITAS Modern Serif Font is a versatile typeface with a balance of elegance and simplicity. Whether you’re designing for print or digital, this font will bring a touch of sophistication to your projects.

Sunshine Display Font 

Anza Zakharchenko’s Sunshine Display Font is a bold, playful typeface that exudes positivity. Perfect for headlines, logos, and quotes, this font will brighten any design.

Brenly Variable Font 

Valentino Vergan’s Brenly Variable Font is a modern, dynamic font with multiple weights. With its versatility, this font can adapt to various design projects, giving you more creative control.

Vintage Letters 

Headquarters’ Vintage Letters is a vintage-inspired lettering collection that adds nostalgia to your designs. Perfect for posters, logos, and branding projects that evoke a classic and timeless feel.

Imperfect! A Handwritten Sans Serif 

Studio Funshop by Kelli’s Imperfect! A Handwritten Sans Serif font offers a human touch to your designs. With its organic and imperfect lines, this font brings a sense of warmth and authenticity to your text.

HALFTONE Artistic Poster Templates 

Bornx Design’s HALFTONE Artistic Poster Templates will help you create eye-catching and visually striking posters. With its creative halftone patterns and artistic elements, this template set is perfect for promoting events, concerts, or any project needing artistic flair.

Hedgier Modern Serif Typeface 

Fridaytype’s Hedgier Modern Serif Typeface combines elegance with a contemporary edge. This font is perfect for branding, packaging, and editorial work that requires a touch of sophistication.

Quatgix Modern Serif

Merakistd’s Quatgix Modern Serif is a versatile, stylish typeface with a unique flair. Whether you’re working on logos, posters, or web design, this font will add a modern and edgy touch to your creations.

500 Abstract Gradient 2.0 

Designooze’s 500 Abstract Gradient 2.0 is a collection of vibrant and eye-catching gradients that will elevate your designs. Use these gradients as backgrounds and overlays or to add depth and dimension to your artwork.

140 Cinematic Anderson Backgrounds 

Nocturnal Wolf’s 140 Cinematic Anderson Backgrounds bring a unique and dramatic touch to your designs. With various colors and moods, these backgrounds are perfect for posters, social media, and other creative projects.

EMBRO Font Family  

Flatface’s EMBRO Font Family is a versatile and elegant set of fonts that will suit a wide range of design projects. From logos to packaging, this font family will add a touch of sophistication to your work.

Cygnito Mono

ATK Studio’s Cygnito Mono is a modern, monospaced typeface perfect for coding and programming projects. Its clean lines and legibility make it a favorite among developers and designers.

Social Media Kit Posts and Banners 

Studio B’s Social Media Kit Posts and Banners is a comprehensive collection of templates to boost your social media game. Whether running a business or promoting your personal brand, these templates will help shine your professional social media presence.

Dreamy Bright Gradient Backgrounds 

Love Radiation Studio’s Dreamy Bright Gradient Backgrounds are a visual treat. With their soft colors and enchanting quality, these backgrounds are perfect for adding a touch of magic to your designs.

HEATMAPS – Gradient Maps 

Saintricchi’s HEATMAPS – Gradient Maps offer a unique and artistic approach to gradients. These stunning gradients will give your designs a contemporary and eye-catching appeal.

Faded Film Lightroom Preset XMPDNG 

Rapita Photography’s Faded Film Lightroom Preset XMPDNG will give your photos a vintage and nostalgic look. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an enthusiast, these presets will add a touch of classic charm to your images.

Email Newsletter Templates Canva

DeeBeeSocial’s Email Newsletter Templates Canva will help you create engaging and visually appealing newsletters. With its user-friendly interface, you can customize these templates to suit your brand and reach your audience effectively.

Scribble Abstract Patterns 

Bosotochka Art’s Scribble Abstract Patterns is a fun and artistic addition to your design toolkit. These hand-drawn patterns will add a touch of creativity and playfulness to your projects.

Resume Template CV Template 

LucaTheme’s Resume Template CV Template is a modern and stylish option for anyone looking to create a professional resume. This template will help you make a strong impression with its clean design and easy-to-edit format.

Ash Action 

Beto’s Ash Action is a Photoshop action that adds an atmospheric and moody effect to your photos. Whether you’re a photographer or a content creator, this action will add drama and depth to your images.

9 Iridescent Shapes 

Breezie Castell’s 9 Iridescent Shapes is a collection of vibrant and ethereal shapes that add a magical touch to your designs. These iridescent shapes are perfect for posters, packaging, and more.

Greeting Card Pile Mockup (A2 Size) 

Paper&stuff’s Greeting Card Pile Mockup (A2 Size) allows you to showcase your greeting card designs in a visually appealing way. This mockup will help you present your cards professionally and attract potential buyers.

Paper Texture Brushes for Procreate 

Jeremiah Richthofen’s Paper Texture Brushes for Procreate will add a realistic paper texture to your digital artwork. Whether drawing illustrations or lettering, these brushes give your work an authentic and tactile feel.

Blots. Seamless Patterns Set 

Curly Pat’s Blots. Seamless Patterns Set is a playful and versatile collection of patterns. Use these patterns for backgrounds, packaging, or any project that needs a touch of whimsy and fun.

82 Hand Drawn Logo Elements PSD 

Sasha Mitkalova’ 82 Hand Drawn Logo Elements PSD is a fantastic resource for logo designers. With its hand-drawn and organic feel, these elements will help you create unique and personalized logos for your clients.

Having you on this exciting visual journey through Creative Market’s latest Drop was a pleasure. But the excitement doesn’t end here. 

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