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Drop 24: Embracing Creativity

Olivia Hoskin February 29, 2024 · 10 min read

Every month, Creative Market dazzles the design community with a curated Drop of free design assets, exclusively available to our valued Creative Market Members. During these Drops, our vibrant community of Shop owners celebrates creativity, craftsmanship, and collaboration, not just offering freebies. 

This month, we’ve handpicked an eclectic mix of fonts, mockups, templates, and design tools to inspire your next project. Creative Market Members receive these Drops for free and enjoy up to 25% off our entire catalog. 

Let’s dive into the highlights from our latest Drop, showcasing the talent and stories behind each featured Shop.

132. VSCO 3.0

Transform your photos with 132. VSCO 3.0, a comprehensive collection of Lightroom presets that emulate the VSCO app’s aesthetic. Advina Store brings to life a versatile set of presets that cater to every photographer’s desire for that perfect VSCO touch.

Procreate Calligraphy Brush Bundle

Unleash your lettering potential with the Procreate Calligraphy Brush Bundle, a meticulously crafted set of brushes for the Procreate app. An Inkling of Curry specializes in creating brushes that transform your digital calligraphy journey, making every stroke a masterpiece.

Procreate Watercolor Brushes Set

Dive into digital watercolor painting with the Procreate Watercolor Brushes Set from Balada Digital Art. This collection brings watercolor’s authentic texture and fluidity to your iPad, offering artists an immersive painting experience.

Japanese Mood Lightroom Presets

Elevate your photography with the Japanese Mood Lightroom Presets by Daily Creativo. Inspired by the serene beauty of Japan, these presets add a touch of elegance and tranquillity to your images.

Procreate Outline Flowers Stamps

Add floral elegance to your digital artwork with Procreate Outline Flowers Stamps by ProcreateInk. This set of stamps makes incorporating detailed flower designs into your projects easy, perfect for illustrators and designers alike.

Garden & Orchard Procreate Brushes

Willow & Wheat presents Garden & Orchard Procreate Brushes, a delightful collection of brushes inspired by nature. Whether sketching a garden scene or painting a fruit orchard, these brushes add a natural touch to your creations.

Horse Pro | Unique Sans Serif Font

Introducing Horse Pro, a unique sans serif font by Andika Fez. Its distinctive character set and versatile weights make it a standout choice for branding, editorial, and web design.

Blank Space | Modern Display

Blank Space is a modern display font by Muntab Art that captures the essence of minimalist design. Its clean lines and funky shapes are perfect for creating impactful headlines and logos.

Nebulas Font

Explore the celestial elegance of Nebulas Font by Supremat. This font takes you on a cosmic journey with letterforms that evoke the mystery and beauty of the universe.

Brigends Expanded Font

Multitype Studio brings us Brigends Expanded Font, a bold and dynamic typeface. Its expanded form makes a strong visual statement, ideal for branding, poster design, and more.

Violense – Stylish Display Font

Violense by PutraCetol Studio is a stylish display font that blends elegance with a hint of edginess. Perfect for fashion brands, magazine covers, and creative projects seeking a font with character.

64 Astrology Canva Instagram Posts

Engage your social media audience with 64 Astrology Canva Instagram Posts by Story Native. This collection is a celestial gateway to captivating content, designed with astrology enthusiasts in mind.

Hands Vector Illustration Set

Dicreate offers the Hands Vector Illustration Set, a versatile collection of 40 different hand gestures. These illustrations are perfect for adding a human touch to your designs, from digital products to marketing materials.

Josie: A Soft, Friendly Retro Font

Josie is a soft, friendly retro font by Corinne Dodenhoff. Its charming curves and playful character make it ideal for branding, packaging, and anything that calls for a touch of nostalgia.

Cerro Bonete

Inspired by the rugged beauty of the Andes, Cerro Bonete by Damelev is a typeface that marries the essence of nature with typographic design. Perfect for outdoor and adventure-themed projects.

Attractype Reborn – Stylish Font

Attractype Reborn is a stylish font by Garisman Std that adds a modern twist to classic typography in 17 languages. Its sleek lines and contemporary flair make it an excellent choice for fashion, editorial, and web design.

Qassy Elegant Serif Font Typeface

Qassy, an elegant serif font typeface by Graphicxell, brings classic typography into the modern era. Its refined curves and balanced proportions are perfect for high-end branding and editorial work.

Mixed Media Mess Vol.1

Dive into the creative chaos with Mixed Media Mess Vol. 1 by EFCO SUPPLY. This collection of textures and elements is perfect for artists and designers looking to add depth and interest to their work.

2024 Bold Gen Z – Canva Templates 3

Stay ahead of social media trends with 2024 Bold Gen Z – Canva Templates 3 by Aleandra Pacheo. Designed with the dynamic Gen Z audience in mind, these 20 dynamic templates are perfect for creating bold, eye-catching content.

Coffina Rough Rounded Sans Serif

Coffina is a rough, rounded sans serif font by tabojastudio. Its playful edges and approachable character make it ideal for branding, packaging, and children’s literature.

TBS Gartek Condensed

TBS Gartek Condensed by TypoBureau is a condensed font that offers efficiency and style in equal measure. It’s a versatile addition to any designer’s toolkit, perfect for tight spaces and impactful headlines.

Abstract Pack 01

Abstract Pack 01 by Backyard Creative Co is a collection of abstract shapes and forms. These elements are perfect for adding a modern, artistic touch to your designs, from web graphics to branding materials.

Studio – Minimal Mockup Bundle

Elevate your product presentations with the Studio – Minimal Mockup Bundle by Creavora. This collection of 12 high-quality PSD files provides sleek, minimal mockups perfect for showcasing your designs in a clean and contemporary way.

Geometrica – Neo Geo Kit – Vol.2

Dive into the world of geometric art with Geometrica – Neo Geo Kit – Vol.2 by Léo Alexandre. This kit offers various geometric shapes and patterns, perfect for creating bold, modern designs.

Eco-Friendly Patterns

Eco-Friendly Patterns by Blooming Sally is a collection of patterns inspired by nature and sustainability. These designs are perfect for eco-conscious brands and projects looking to convey a message of environmental care.

Soft, Floral Grainy Backgrounds

Soft Floral Grainy Backgrounds by Youksy offers a set of backgrounds that blend the beauty of florals with a grainy texture. It is ideal for adding a soft, romantic touch to your designs, from websites to wedding invitations.

Instagram Studio Template Kit

Revamp your Instagram profile with the Instagram Studio Template Kit by THE BRAND BAR. This kit provides a cohesive set of templates to enhance your brand’s presence on social media.

Famous Travel Places Poster Bundle

Celebrate the world’s most iconic destinations with the Famous Travel Places Poster Bundle by Genius Graph. These posters capture the essence of travel and adventure, perfect for decorating your home or office.

Dark Instagram Marketing Templates

Dark Instagram Marketing Templates by Velius Creative Studio offers a collection of 70 templates with a sleek, dark theme. Ideal for brands looking to make a bold statement on social media.

Ruta Single 03 Art Gallery Mockup

Showcase your artwork in style with the Ruta Single | 03 Art Gallery Mockup by Harno Mockup. This mockup provides a realistic setting to display your art, enhancing its appeal to potential buyers or gallery visitors.

Parisian 1 Frame Mockup Canva & PSD

Add a touch of Parisian elegance to your designs with the Parisian 1 Frame Mockup Canva & PSD by dln studio. This mockup is perfect for artists and designers presenting their work within a chic and sophisticated frame.

Poster Mockup / Letterhead Mockup

Elevate your presentation game with the Poster Mockup / Letterhead Mockup by MockMock  Mockups. This versatile mockup is ideal for professionally showcasing your posters, letterheads, and other print designs.

Poster / Billboard Mockup Set

Make a big impact with the Poster / Billboard Mockup Set by Professor Inc. These mockups provide a realistic setting for displaying your advertisements, campaigns, and creative projects on a grand scale.

Tumbler Mug Mockup

Tumbler Mug Mockup by Ram Studio offers a realistic and customizable way to showcase your tumbler designs. It is perfect for brands and designers looking to present their work in the real world.

Westport Soft Geometric Sans Font

Westport Soft is a geometric sans font by Iblay Studio that combines softness with geometric precision. Ideal for modern branding, web design, and print projects that require a touch of elegance.

Hydrate Framer eCommerce Template

Launch your online store with the Hydrate Framer eCommerce Template by Ali Çorak. This template is designed to provide an intuitive and stylish shopping experience, perfect for brands in the health and wellness space.

Modern Ai Magazine Editorial

Modern Ai Magazine Editorial by Anartyst Studio offers a contemporary take on magazine design. This template is ideal for editors and designers looking to create engaging and visually stunning publications.

Novella – Shopify EComposer Template

Novella is a Shopify EComposer template by Boost Convert designed for storytellers and brands with a narrative to share. Its elegant design and functional features make it perfect for online retailers looking to tell their story.

Ipad Mockup MILA 4

Present your digital designs in a realistic setting with Ipad Mockup, MILA 4 by Studio Phylicia. This mockup is perfect for showcasing apps, websites, and digital products with a touch of professionalism.

TravelWise – Travel and Booking UI

TravelWise is a travel and booking UI kit by Hammad Arif designed to simplify the creation of travel apps and websites. Its comprehensive set of elements and screens ensures a seamless user experience for travellers.

Motion Shopify Premium Theme

Elevate your Shopify store with the Motion Shopify Premium Theme by Merge Digital Agency. This theme offers advanced features and customizable options to create a dynamic and engaging online shopping experience.

Easlon Retro Font

Dive into the charm of yesteryears with Easlon Retro Font by madeDeduk. This font captures the nostalgic essence of retro design, making it perfect for projects that require a vintage touch.

Beauty Social Media Template

Revamp your beauty brand’s social media presence with the Beauty Social Media Template with 50 Instagram post templates by My Template Studio. These templates are designed to showcase your products and services in a visually appealing manner.

BARA Brand Fashion Google Slide

BARA Brand Fashion Google Slide by Portocraft offers a stylish and modern presentation template. It is ideal for fashion brands and designers looking to impress their audience with a polished and professional slideshow.

Instagram Carousel Canva Templates

Engage your followers with Instagram Carousel Canva Templates by Squarebase Templates. These templates are perfect for creating compelling carousel posts that tell a story and captivate your audience.

Helium Rifther Badges Display Font

Helium Rifther Badges Display Font by Maulana Creative adds a creative flair to your designs in 100+ languages. It is ideal for badges, logos, and any project that requires a font with personality and impact.

Brand Strategy Guide

Develop a solid brand strategy with the Brand Strategy Guide in Canva by Studio Industry. This comprehensive guide is valuable for businesses and designers looking to build a stable and cohesive brand identity.

Embarla Firgasto Family

Embarla Firgasto Family by Mr.Typeman offers a versatile font family that blends elegance with functionality. Perfect for various design projects, from branding to editorial work.

This month’s Creative Market Drop is a testament to the incredible talent within our community. Each featured Shop brings something unique, offering design assets that inspire creativity and elevate projects. Be sure to explore these Shops and discover the wealth of creativity they offer. Happy designing!

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