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Make Spring Your Brightest Season with Drop 26


Spring has sprung, and with it comes our latest Drop, packed with all the fresh picks to make your projects bloom. Think vibrant colors, textures that pop, whimsical fonts, and mockups that’ll make your work stand out like that first flower in your garden. And the cherry on top? If you join the Creative Market membership, you snag a cool 25% off everything else in our catalog!

From the retro vibes of Acelon Vintage to the dynamic Luminoir Grotesk, this Drop is all about shaking off those winter vibes and stepping into the sunshine. Need to spruce up your branding or social media? We’ve got you covered with fresh templates and kits.

Let’s dive into some highlights from our latest collection:

Paname Basic Pack

Dive into the essence of Parisian streets with the Paname Basic Pack, a collection that captures the unique charm of Paris through type. The creator, S&C Type, brings a touch of the city’s historical elegance to your projects, offering fonts with timeless appeal.

Acelon Vintage

Acelon Vintage is a nod to the past, offering the beauty of vintage design with modern craftsmanship. Craft Supply Co. specializes in creating fonts that blend historical inspiration with contemporary finesse, perfect for branding and decorative designs.

Retro Groovy Hippie Set

Embrace the vibrancy of the ’60s with the Retro Groovy Hippie Set, 24 cute hand-drawn 60s and 70s vintage psychedelic hippie clipart perfect for adding a dash of nostalgia to your work. JulyGart captures the spirit of an era known for its bold colors and patterns, offering designs as fun as they are beautiful.

Anchorious – Modern Display Font

Anchorious brings modernity and style to the forefront with its clean lines and impactful presence. Storia Type designs fonts that are tools and statements, elevating your branding and editorial projects.

Nothing Serious – Carefree Font

Light-hearted and whimsical, Nothing Serious—Carefree Font is a perfect OTF font for projects that don’t take themselves too seriously. The shop behind this font, Fontstein Shop delights in creating fonts that add a personal touch and playful flair to any design.

Stationery Mockup

Present your stationery designs with elegance and precision with this “Stationery Mockup.” The creator, MA-KING_Art, offers diverse mockups that beautifully showcase your work, ensuring your designs stand out in the best light.

Queer Joy – LGBTQ+ Pride Graphics

Celebrate diversity and inclusion with Queer Joy | LGBTQ+ Pride Graphics, a vibrant collection of 25 hand-drawn elements that radiate positivity and pride. Theo Quest Art & Design creates visuals that empower and uplift, perfect for projects that aim to make a difference.

Luminoir Grotesk – Variable Font

Luminoir Grotesk – Variable Font (in 65 languages) redefines versatility, offering endless customization for your typography needs. Visit Hanaksara Studio for more innovative type solutions that adapt flawlessly to both digital and print media.

DUNE – Canva Social Media Kit

With DUNE—Canva Social Media Kit, your online presence will never look better. It features 30 thoughtfully designed aesthetic Canva templates for a cohesive look. The Curatory Studio offers meticulously designed templates that simplify and beautify social media branding.

Colorful Geometric Shapes + Patterns

Embrace boldness with Colorful Geometric Shapes + Patterns, an asset pack that’s all about making a statement with 300+ Elements, 81 square tiles, 29 individual icons, and more! The Harriet Ruby Creates shop crafts designs that are as fun as they are impactful and ideal for projects needing a pop of color and geometry.

Hello Sunshine – Hand Drawn Font

Hello Sunshine – Hand Drawn Font brings warmth and cheerfulness to your projects, perfect for invitations, branding, and more. Ashley Scott Designs is your go-to for fonts that feel personal and crafted with love.

Stationery & Branding Mock-up

Elevate your branding with Stationery & Branding Mock-up, offering 4 fully editable PSD files with high-quality mockup templates. The creator, MnGfx, delivers top-tier mockups that bring your branding to life, ensuring a professional presentation every time.

MN Raghford – Condensed Sans Serif

MN Raghford—Condensed Sans Serif is a modern font that balances functionality with aesthetics. It is perfect for editorial and logo design. Mantra Naga is dedicated to creating fonts that are not just letters but an experience that will surely evoke emotions.

TF Silence

Discover the quiet strength of TF Silence, a two-style (solid & outline) font that speaks volumes in quirky vibes. The creator, Teenage Foundry, focuses on crafting typefaces that combine minimalist design with maximum impact.

Momento Amore Font

Celebrate love with Momento Amore Font, a beautifully romantic OTF typeface ideal for wedding invitations and heartfelt projects. Wanderlust Heart designs fonts and illustrations that capture the essence of moments and memories, adding a personal touch to every word.

Cosmetic Mockups – Harmony of Nature

Showcase your beauty products with Cosmetic Mockups – Harmony of Nature, 10 PSD mockups that blend elegance and realism in every scene. Partners in Crime offers exquisitely detailed mockups that highlight the natural beauty of your products.

Realistic Book Mockup

Present your literary works with a Realistic Book Mockup, which provides a lifelike canvas for your cover designs. Visit Transparent Source for more mockups that give a tangible sense to your projects.

Grelish – Modern Typeface

Inject sleek modernity into your text with Grelish, a font for readability and luxurious style. Penatic Studio is known for its forward-thinking approach to typography, perfect for branding and digital design.

Line Retro Powerpoint Template

Turn your presentations into retro masterpieces with the Line Retro PowerPoint Template, which blends nostalgia with modern design elements in 55+ unique slides. SKYCREATION creates templates that transform your ideas into visually compelling stories.

Hasbook Modern Logo Font

Make your brand stand out with Hasbook Modern Logo Font, offering the perfect contemporary flair and readability blend. The creator, Basnistudio, specializes in making fonts that set your brand apart, ensuring memorability and impact.

2 Abstract Blending Gradient Posters

Add a contemporary touch to any space with 2 Abstract Blending Gradient Posters in AI, EPS, and JGP, where color and form merge into eye-catching art. Katyaskrn offers digital artworks that transform ordinary spaces into modern visual experiences, showcasing the power of gradient blends.

Montgat Didot

Montgat Didot redefines elegance with its refined, classic typography, perfect for high-end editorial work and sophisticated branding in 5 weights. Visit Gsprauno, which specializes in crafting fonts that stand out and enhance any project requiring a bold look.

JoyCare – Landing Page UI&UX Kit

Elevate your web design with JoyCare – Landing Page UI&UX Kit, designed for clarity, user engagement, and aesthetic appeal. Base Design Studio focuses on creating beautiful user-centred design assets that enhance user experience and conversion.

Norgate – Condensed Sans Type

Norgate – Condensed Sans Type offers sleekness and functionality in OTF, TTF and WOFF Files,  making it a go-to choice for modern branding and concise editorial work. Visit the maker, Ryan Creative, for fonts that stand out for their versatility and contemporary flair and are suitable for various design projects.

STROIG – Hybrid Urbanist Font Family

Embrace the boldness of STROIG – Hybrid Urbanist Font Family, which marries industrial strength with urban sophistication. Designova provides innovative type solutions that push the boundaries of traditional typography, ideal for projects that demand attention.

75+ Drawn & Painted Grunge Graphics

Bring texture and depth to your designs with 75+ Drawn & Painted Grunge Graphics, perfect for creating edgy, expressive visuals. Ruschka du Toit offers a collection of handcrafted elements that add character and raw energy to any creative project.

Renovatio – Cutout Handwritten Font

Renovatio – Cutout Handwritten Font combines the authenticity of handwritten text with the uniqueness of cutout aesthetics. is renowned for its creative approach to font design, offering typefaces that tell a story and evoke emotions.

Holo Summer Abstract Backgrounds

Dive into the vibrant Holo Summer Abstract Backgrounds world, where color and holographic textures create mesmerizing visuals in 20 abstract PNG backgrounds. TatiankaArt crafts backgrounds that are not just designs but immersive experiences perfect for digital art, packaging, and web backgrounds.

BASKiT Commerce Branding Font

BASKiT Commerce Branding Font is your solution for standout e-commerce branding, offering boldness and readability. The shop, MOMI – Designer Fonts, creates classic fonts that enhance brand presence.

Vector Tropical Plants

Bring the lushness of the tropics to your designs with Vector Tropical Plants, offering detailed and vibrant botanical illustrations. MalyskaStudio specializes in delicate graphics and patterns that bring a breath of fresh air to any project, from digital design to print.

Enigma – Floral Pattern and Graphics

Explore the delicate beauty of Enigma—Floral Pattern and Graphics, where intricate florals meet modern design in a six-color option end-pattern. Likorbut creates exquisite floral patterns and graphics that add sophistication and a touch of nature to your creative endeavors.

Poster Mockups 6PSD Set Madrid

Showcase your posters with Poster Mockups 6PSD Set ‘Madrid,’ designed to present your artwork in realistic settings. SigaSigaMockup offers high-quality mockups that give your designs a professional edge, perfect for artists and designers.

Blurzy – 20+ Grainy Gradients

Blurzy—20+ Grainy Gradients brings a blurry and grainy texture to your backgrounds, offering a collection of gradients with a tactile feel. Check out the creator, Lemeshko Design, who specializes in creating strong assets that enhance digital and print projects.

Social Media Kit – Instagram Story

Elevate your Instagram stories with 20 story designs crafted for maximum engagement and aesthetic appeal in AI, EPS, PSD, and JPG. Design That Matters provides templates and illustrations that are visually stunning and strategically designed to capture your audience’s attention.

ZIUY – Brand Guidelines Template

ZIUY – Brand Guidelines Template is a Canva or Adobe InDesign essential for maintaining a cohesive brand identity, offering a clear and comprehensive guide. Visit Studio Industry to find a new partner in branding, their tools ensure your brand will communicate consistently and effectively.

Herculine – Condensed Font

Herculine – Condensed Font is a testament to the power of simplicity and impact, ideal for bold statements and clean design. Nian Kunst offers a selection of modern and timeless fonts that stand out and are perfect for branding and editorial use.

Fantasy Lounge Retro Sans Serif

Step into the charm of yesteryear with Fantasy Lounge Retro Sans Serif, a font that captures the essence of retro elegance. Known & Heard delights in reviving vintage styles for contemporary design, adding personality and history to your projects.

Aesthetic Skincare Coach Template

Aesthetic Skincare Coach Template includes 65 post and 65 story templates designed for beauty and wellness professionals looking to elevate their online presence. My Template Studio creates beautiful and functional templates for Canva, making professional branding accessible to all.

Patterns Whimsical Collection

Dive into the Patterns Whimsical Collection, where fantasy and creativity collide in vibrant and enchanting designs. Alina Sh crafts patterns that are a gateway to worlds of wonder, perfect for textiles, packaging, and more.

Stylescape Templates Bundle

Define your project’s visual direction with Stylescape Templates Bundle, 23 fully customizable templates, a comprehensive tool for creatives and designers. Hamdi Designs offers resources that streamline the conceptual phase, ensuring your vision is communicated beautifully and effectively.

Boho Blocks Geometry Creator

Unleash your creativity with Boho Blocks Geometry Creator, a toolkit for designing unique geometric art in AI. The creator,  Julia Dreams, provides illustrations and other kits that encourage exploration and creativity, which are perfect for artists and designers looking to push boundaries.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Mockup

Present your apps and websites with the iPhone 15 Pro Max Mockup, offering a sleek, up-to-date device frame. Visit Febri Angga, which specializes in creating mockups that are as realistic as they are easy to use and enhance the presentation of digital products.

Minimalist Resume Designers Canva

Craft a resume that stands out with Minimalist Resume Designers Canva, a template combining simplicity and professionalism. The creator, From Maker to Maker, offers easy-to-use designs to make a lasting impression, blending form and function.

Animated Waves – Water Textures

Animated Waves – Water Textures bring the dynamic beauty of water to your digital projects with 12 animated waves in 4K. Creative paper creates textures and images that add motion and life to designs, perfect for backgrounds, web elements, and creative art.

ÉVA & Co Template

Ensure brand consistency with the ÉVA & Co Template, your roadmap to a cohesive brand identity with 24 fully editable pages in Canva or Adobe. Viva Agency provides essential branding tools that help businesses articulate their unique voice and visual style.

Vintage Logo Kit Template

Vintage Logo Kit Template offers timeless design elements for crafting distinctive logos with a vintage flair. The creator, Ascend Studio, is known for its quality logo kits and brand guides.


Bring a gentle, understated elegance to your typography with Naive, a collection of 90 abstract cutout shapes, 30 compositions, and 6 seamless patterns. The maker behind these shapes, Léo Alexandre, designs minimal yet expressive shapes, posters, and icons sure to set your creations apart.

Everyday Social Media Canva Template

Keep your social media fresh and engaging with the Everyday Social Media Canva Template, which offers versatile designs for daily posts. Tempavo specializes in easy-to-customize social media templates, saving you time while elevating your online presence.

Grain Texture Overlay

Add depth and texture to your designs with Grain Texture Overlay, perfect for giving your work an organic, tactile feel. The Muza offers textures that enhance visuals with natural imperfections, adding dimension and interest.

Chef & Restaurant Templates Bundle

Chef & Restaurant Templates Bundle is the ultimate resource for culinary branding, offering a suite of designs tailored for the food industry. The creator, Sakura Digitals, crafts bright, eye-catching templates that blend functionality with artistry.

This month’s Creative Market Drop is a testament to the creativity and talent within our community. Explore these assets to inspire your next project, and remember, as a Creative Market member, you enjoy a 20% discount across our entire catalog, making it the perfect time to discover and invest in high-quality design assets. 

Happy creating, and stay tuned for more curated collections in our upcoming Drops!

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