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Here’s Every Design Gem in our Latest Drop

Olivia Hoskin June 10, 2024 · 9 min read

Welcome to this month’s exciting Creative Market Drop! Every month, we handpick exceptional design assets from our talented community of shop owners. 

These curated assets, from fonts and mockups to illustrations and templates, are available exclusively to Creative Market Members – remember, members receive up to 25% off all assets on Creative Market. 

Dive into this month’s selections and explore the creative shops behind each product.

40 Geometric Frames

Elevate your designs with 40 Geometric Frames from Type and Graphics Studio. This collection offers a modern twist to classic borders, perfect for adding a sophisticated edge to photos and artwork.

Shadow Overlay Generator Mockup

Use the Shadow Overlay Generator Mockup from Graphic Spirit to enhance your images with dynamic shadows. This tool allows for realistic shadow effects, making it indispensable for photographers and designers.

Coastal Gouache Seascapes

Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Coastal Gouache Seascapes from West Wind Creative. These meticulously painted seascapes are ideal for projects that require a touch of tranquillity and nature.

Leafy Plant Fun Typeface

Add a playful botanical vibe to your typography with the Leafy Plant Fun Typeface from Wandery Supply. It’s perfect for environmental projects or any design that needs a natural feel.

Malibu Fancy Vintage Font

Bring the elegance of the past to your contemporary projects with Malibu Fancy Vintage Font from Sensatype. Its intricate details make it ideal for sophisticated branding and decorative print media.

Handmade Sans! A Hand-lettered Font!

Express warmth and authenticity in your designs with Handmade Sans! A Hand-lettered Font! from Studio Funshop by Kelli. This font is perfect for invitations, greeting cards, and any project that calls for a personal touch.

Mocktaile Modern Luxury Typeface

Elevate your brand’s luxury appeal with Mocktaile Modern Luxury Typeface from Krismagraph. This typeface blends elegance and modernity, ideal for high-end branding and editorial design.


Quentin, from Twinbrush, is a script font that offers sophistication and versatility for wedding invitations and branding that demands elegance.

Delio Typeface

Delio Typeface, crafted by kevgusar, is a modern sans serif that delivers clarity and style to your text. It is perfect for digital and print media.

Bodega Sans: A Retro Typeface

Revisit the charm of yesteryear with Bodega Sans, a retro typeface from Mitch Wiesen (DeliFresh Type Co). This typeface is perfect for adding a retro feel to signage, packaging, and branding.

MORT Black Metal Procreate Brushes

Create striking art with MORT Black Metal Procreate Brushes from heath lewis (wwowly). These brushes are essential for artists looking to infuse their digital artwork with black metal’s raw, intense aesthetic.

PION Editorial Interior Lookbook

Showcase your interior design projects with style using the PION Editorial Interior Lookbook from Blancalab Studio. This template is meticulously designed to highlight the elegance of interior spaces.

Chocolate Packaging Mockup

Present your chocolate designs exquisitely with the Chocolate Packaging Mockup from KIPET. This mockup is essential for designers who want to showcase their packaging designs realistically and appealingly.

Minimalist Botanical Line Sketches

Incorporate the elegance of nature into your projects with Minimalist Botanical Line Sketches from Galerie Design Studio. These sketches are perfect for adding a touch of understated beauty to any creative work.

Portfolio Wix Website Template

Build a stunning online portfolio with the Portfolio Wix Website Template from Webloom Studio. This template offers a sleek, user-friendly platform to showcase your professional work.

LR presets NYC

Transform your photographs with the urban chic of LR presets NYC from Emi Martinez Diana Studio. These Lightroom presets are designed to enhance the dynamic, gritty aesthetic of New York City.

Farmhouse Serif Font

Give your projects a rustic charm with Farmhouse Serif Font from elvinova. This font is perfect for branding, editorial, or any design that requires a warm, inviting feel.

South Amsterdam 

Introduce contemporary elegance to your projects with South Amsterdam, a modern serif font from Megi Satyo Widodo. Its sleek design is ideal for high-impact headlines and sophisticated editorial content.

Samantha – Portfolio Presentation

Impress clients and employers with Samantha – Portfolio Presentation from Damn Studio. This beautifully designed presentation template perfectly showcases creative work in a clean, modern layout.

Annual Report Brochure Template

Craft comprehensive and visually appealing annual reports with the Annual Report Brochure Template from White Graphic. This template is designed to help businesses communicate their yearly achievements professionally and formally.

Modern Minimalist Social Templates

Revitalize your social media presence with Modern Minimalist Social Templates from Heylo Creative. These templates are crafted for businesses and influencers looking to streamline their online aesthetic with a clean, contemporary look.

Brand Guidelines for Figma

Establish a cohesive identity with Brand Guidelines for Figma from Ascend Studio. This tool is essential for companies wanting to ensure brand consistency across all channels.

Fleur – Canva eBook Creator

Create professional and engaging eBooks or workbooks with Fleur, a Canva eBook creator from Silver Stag Type Foundry. This versatile Canva template is ideal for educators, marketers, and creatives who want to produce high-quality educational materials.

Social Media Coach Template for Wix

Launch your coaching business online effortlessly with the Social Media Coach Template for Wix from creator Parrot Designs. This Wix website template is designed for social media professionals seeking to attract clients with a sleek and functional online presence.

Astrology Instagram Post Templates

Engage your audience with mystical and appealing content using Astrology Instagram Post Templates created by marmaries. These templates are perfect for astrologers and spiritual influencers aiming to enhance their social media appeal.

Instagram Reel Cover Templates 

Organize and beautify your Instagram Reels with Instagram Reel Cover Templates for Canva from He Said, or She Said. These Canva templates help create a cohesive look that captures the viewer’s attention.

Lifestyle Photo & DNG Presets Bundle

Elevate your photography with the Lifestyle Photo & DNG Presets Bundle by creator SHOOM HOUSE. These presets offer a range of aesthetic enhancements to bring professionalism and style to your personal or client photography projects.

Broken Printer Effect

Add a unique, artistic touch to your designs with the Broken Printer Effect by shop Goodies.Buro. This creative tool simulates the effect of a malfunctioning printer, ideal for adding a gritty, unconventional aesthetic to digital artwork.

80s 3D Neon Text Effect

Transport your audience back in time with the 80s 3D Neon Text Effect created by This Photoshop effect is perfect for creating vibrant, retro-inspired text that stands out in advertisements, posters, and more.

Men’s Hoodie Mockups

Showcase your apparel designs realistically with 8 unique Men’s Hoodie Mockups from Mock-up Store. These mockups provide a professional way to display your fashion designs on actual garments.

Phone Mockup

Enhance the presentation of your mobile apps and websites with Phone Mockup from creator Mockup Supper. This tool allows designers to showcase their digital products in a realistic smartphone frame.

Realistic Billboard Mockup

CREATIVE DUDE made this Realistic Billboard Mockup to help you advertise like a pro. These 5 PSD mockups are essential for marketers and designers to visualize their advertisements in a realistic urban setting.

Create Your Own Mockups

Gain the flexibility to create bespoke mockups with Create Your Own Mockups by Design Surplus. With over 200 items and 16 pre-made mockups, this tool is perfect for designers who need specific scenes and settings that aren’t readily available.

Deco Modern Floral Pattern + Motifs

Incorporate elegant floral designs with Deco Modern Floral Pattern + Motifs from Likorbut into your projects. These beautifully designed patterns are ideal for textiles, packaging, and decorative paper.

Cowboy Hand-drawn Illustrations Kit

Visit Akreatipe to bring a touch of the Wild West to your designs with the Cowboy Hand-drawn Illustrations Kit. This kit includes 90+ elements and 5 pre-designs/patterns perfect for themed events, publications, and more.

Futurism Headline Font

Make a bold statement with the Futurism Headline Font by artyway. This font is designed for impact and is ideal for headlines and any project that requires attention-grabbing typography.

Hustlers Clean & Rough

Channel vintage vibes with Hustlers Clean & Rough, created by Spencer & Sons Co. This typeface set includes textured versions that add a genuine, worn look to your retro designs.

Power Grotesk Font Family

Embrace minimalism and readability with the Power Grotesk Font Family from the Power Type Foundry. This family of fonts offers clean lines and geometric forms, perfect for modern corporate communication and branding.

Vintage Stylist Font 

Craft charming, rustic designs with Vintage Stylist Font and floral ligatures by the Creativeqube Design shop. This bundle is perfect for creating wedding invitations, greeting cards, and other decorative elements.

Sacred Bridge 

Explore the elegant versatility of Sacred Bridge + Extras from Bombastype. This typeface has additional stylistic sets and features, making it adaptable for various design needs.

Photograph Signature Logo fonts

Create personalized signature logos with Photograph Signature Logo fonts courtesy of typeline studio. These fonts are designed to mimic handwritten signatures, adding a personal touch to photographers’ branding.

36 Leaf Procreate Stamp Brush

Add natural elements effortlessly to your digital art with the 36 Leaf Procreate Stamp Brush designed by Natalya_Mona_Art. These brushes are perfect for artists who want to incorporate floral and leaf patterns into their designs.

Flow Brushes

Enhance your vector artwork with Flow Brushes, which are available at Guerillacraft. These 68 pattern-based brushes are designed to simulate natural media, adding fluidity and texture to digital illustrations.

Pull Strokes Illustrator Brushes

With Pull Strokes Illustrator Brushes by creator StudioWorks, bring dynamic expression to your Illustrator projects. These 48 vector brushes are perfect for adding a hand-painted effect to vector artwork.

Fruit & Veggies Procreate Stamps

Make your food illustrations more fun with Fruit & Veggies Procreate Stamps designed by Pink Studio Art. This collection allows artists to quickly add a variety of fruit and vegetable shapes to their digital artwork.

Pulp & Stain Brush Kits

Achieve authentic textured effects with Pulp & Stain Brush Kits from Artifact Bazaar. These 54 brushes are ideal for artists looking to add a distressed or handmade feel to their projects.

This month’s Creative Market Drop is packed with tools to enhance every aspect of your creative projects, from graphic design and typography to digital art and product mockups. 

Remember, these incredible assets are available exclusively to our Creative Market Members. We hope you find inspiration and value in this diverse collection of high-quality resources. Happy creating!

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