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Gorgeous Sketchnotes From the Circles 2014 Conference

Creative Market March 31, 2021 · 1 min read

This week, our Chief Creative Officer, Gerren Lamson, had the privilege of watching the 2014 Circles Conference talks remotely. While he listened in, he enjoyed several talks by industry thought leaders and put his mad sketching skills to good use as he took notes. Check out the inspiring results below.



Destination Process

Speaker: Becky Murphy
Twitter: @beckycmurphy

A Voice for Everyone

Speaker: Doug Bowman
Twitter: @stop

Back to the Future: Heritage as Innovation

Speakers: The Heads of State
Twitter: @TheHeadsofState

Creating Album Covers with Meaning

Speaker: Jay Argaet
Twitter: @jargaet

Remember the Analog!

Speaker: Jessica Hische
Twitter: @jessicahische

Designing Teams to Design All of the Things

Speaker: Josh Brewer
Twitter: @jbrewer

The Spark

Speaker: Lee Steffen
Twitter: @leesteffen

The Power of No

Speaker: Matt Lehman
Twitter: @matt_lehman

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