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Made With Creative Market: A New Gallery of Beautiful Design Inspiration

Creative Market April 4, 2024 · 2 min read

We believe that Creative Market is the best place to find useful and beautiful resources for your design work. Over the years, we’ve seen this proved time and time again as extremely talented designers share with us the amazing things they make with Creative Market assets. Today, we’re kicking off a special project to show off the creations of our community. It’s called Made With Creative Market, and we think you’re going to love it.

What Is It?

It’s all in the name. Made With Creative Market is a simple, beautiful gallery of design work that was created using anything from Creative Market. From fonts to icons and even Lightroom actions, Made With Creative Market will display the potential of using assets from our talented shop owners to boost the aesthetic appeal of whatever you’re working on. We’re hoping it inspires you to put your own unique spin on everything you buy at Creative Market.

You Can Contribute!

Made With Creative Market is a project that’s truly for and by our awesome community. You’ll already find some great design work displayed, but it’s 100% up to you to fill this gallery up.
We want everyone who uses Creative Market to create something that they’re proud of to submit it (that goes for buyers and shop owners!). Submissions are completely free and only take a second. It’s time to dig into your project archives and start submitting!
Note that existing Creative Market product screenshots will not be accepted. We want Made With Creative Market to be a fresh source of inspiration that is distinct from our normal stream of products. You are welcome to create new, unique designs to show off your products in action though!

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