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Design it Yourself: Summer Motivational Posters

Hyo Song June 25, 2024 · 3 min read

Ready to splash into the vibrant colors and energizing vibes of summer? Our latest project in the Design it Yourself series is all about creating motivational posters that encapsulate the essence of summer fun. From the juicy brightness of lemons to the earthy tones of beets, these designs will bring a slice of summertime right into your living space or workspace. Best of all, you can download and print these beauties to keep the summer spirit alive year-round!

Summer Motivational Posters
Summer vibes all year
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Download these printable PDF posters and keep the summer spirit alive year-round!

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Step-by-Step Tutorial

1. Gathering Your Assets: Before diving into the design process, ensure you have all the necessary tools and files. For this project, we’ll be using Fruit & Veggies Procreate Stamps by Pink Studio Art, the whimsically handcrafted Handmade Sans by Studio Funshop by Kelli, a versatile Phone Mockup by Mockup Supper, and a highly customizable Shadow Overlay Generator Mockup by Graphic Spirit.

2. Setting Up Your Digital Brushes: Once you have your assets, download the Procreate stamps specifically tailored for this project onto your iPad. This set includes a variety of fruit and vegetable illustrations perfect for our summer theme.

3. Illustrating with Style: Choose the Procreate stamp that best fits your vision—be it lemons, apples, or beets. Using a textured brush like PS Inker, which is included in the pack, start filling in the illustration. Opt for a summer color palette; think bright yellows, deep greens, and vibrant pinks to evoke those warm, sunny days.

4. Exporting Your PNGs: After you’ve completed your digital painting, export the fruits and veggies as .png files. This format will preserve the quality and transparency of your illustrations, making them perfect for the next steps.

5. Bringing It All Together in Illustrator: Open Adobe Illustrator and import your .png files. Arrange and rotate your illustrations to create a compelling central image for your poster. This is where you can let your creativity flow—try different compositions to see what looks best!

6. Crafting a Complementary Background: With your central illustration in place, use the Brush tool in Illustrator to create an organic shape for the background. Choose a color that contrasts nicely with your illustrations to make them pop. This could be a soft blue for a sky-like effect or a muted green for a touch of nature.

7. Setting the Scene: Select a neutral background color that complements the overall design without overpowering the central elements. This color will frame your vibrant illustrations and text, enhancing the poster’s visual impact.

8. Making Words Matter: Now, add your motivational text. Using ‘Handmade Sans’, craft phrases that inspire and uplift. Adjust the color, sizing, and placement of your text to harmonize with the design. Play around with different wording options to see what resonates most with the summer theme.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’re ready to showcase your summer motivational posters. Whether they find a home in your office, by your bedside, or as a gift to a friend, these posters are sure to bring a dose of summer cheer. So, download, print, and start spreading those sunny vibes!

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