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Quiz: How Much of a Typography Expert Are You?

Creative Market September 9, 2021 · 2 min read

How much of a typography expert are you?

We all know Comic Sans drives you crazy. But can you actually explain why?

What is a typeface?

A set of type of one particular face and size

A design of type

What is the name of this part of the letter ‘Q’?




Which of the following is sans serif?


Times New Roman



The font used to accent the primary font is called _____

the auxiliary font

the backup font

the trivial font

the secondary font

What is kerning?

Increasing the size of the first letter in a paragraph

Accentuating a letter’s descender

Modifying space between letters

What is tracking?

Adjusting the space between every other word

Adjusting the space between all letters in a word

Adjusting the space in between lines

Flush left is also known as _____

ragged left

ragged right

flush right

What is the practice of making titles bigger and bolder called?





Font Flunkie!

It’s time to retake typography 101!

Typeface Tenderfoot!

Identifying baselines and ascenders takes practice, but you’re well on your way!

Typography Virtuoso!

You can spot a serif from a mile away! Well done!

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