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Sketchnotes From An Event Apart: Austin 2014

Creative Market March 31, 2021 · 1 min read

Our Chief Creative Officer, Gerren Lamson, has been sketching up a storm lately. Last week, we shared his sketch notes from the Circles 2014 Conference, and this week he’s back with some more amazing sketchnotes, this time from An Event Apart: Austin 2014. The speakers at this conference were all-stars that you’re sure to be familiar with: Jeffrey Zeldman, Samantha Warren, Chris Coyier, and Sarah Parmenter just to name a few. Whether or not you were able to make the conference, you’ll enjoy these great sketches outlining some of the best quotes and points made by each speaker.

Understanding Web Design

Speaker: Jeffrey Zeldman
Twitter: @zeldman

Guerilla Design Tactics

Speaker: Samantha Warren
Twitter: @samanthatoy

Designing Using Data

Speaker: Sarah Parmenter
Twitter: @sazzy

UX Strategy Means Business

Speaker: Jared Spool
Twitter: @jmspool

Screen Time

Speaker: Luke Wroblewski
Twitter: @lukew

SVG is for Everyone

Speaker: Chris Coyier
Twitter: @chriscoyier

Touchy Subjects: Creating Content for Sensitive Situations

Speaker: Katie Kiefer
Twitter: @katekiefer

Mind the Gap

Speaker: Josh Clark
Twitter: @globalmoxie

Show Us Your Sketchnotes

Now that you’ve seen Gerren’s sketchnotes, we’d love to see any that you have done. Leave a comment below with a link to your own unique take on visual note-taking.

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  • Awesome work as always Gerren! 8 years ago
  • These are a great way to digest information fast and they look beautiful @Gerren Lamson ! My favorite nugget of wisdom from these is from the Design Using Data sketchnote that says: Track people and their habits. Not unique visitors. 8 years ago
  • Anonymous
    Thanks @Mike Rohde ! Thanks @Dustin Lee ! 8 years ago
  • What a great read, at 5:37am while one is awaiting the completion of the coffee. Great article, and great notes, mine are much more succinct than yours... btw, how many of you missing national Cappuccino day yesterday? After seeing your beautiful sketch notes, I'm never showing mine to anyone but the cat ever again in my life, ::::: Hangs her head in shame::::::: 8 years ago