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The Best Podcasts for Designers in 2014

Creative Market March 31, 2021 · 3 min read

The graphic design landscape is constantly changing, and there’s no better way to keep up with everything from current industry news and trends to best design practices, trips and tricks than through podcasts. We’ve compiled the best and brightest podcasts of 2014 to help designers cultivate and maintain a high level of creativity and overall excellence.

Seanwes Podcast

Professional lettering artist, all-star course instructor, and Creative Market shop owner Sean Wes (Sean McCabe) has a fantastic business and creativity podcast that’s so good, commenters demanded that we bump it to the top of this list! If you’re looking for a new show to add to your list, start here.

Let’s Make Mistakes

Award-winning designer Mike Montiero of Mule Design Studios talks shop with an assorted collection of co-hosts about standard design concepts, from ideation to implementation, and how to leverage every ounce of creativity throughout the process.

Young Guns Show

Hosted by Galen Gidman and Tim Smith, the series spotlights the up-and-coming artists and thought leaders in the industry.

The Web Ahead

The Web Ahead takes a look at what’s new and next in the world of design. Covering a wide array of topics, host Jen Simmons spends each episode asking, "What now?"


Typeradio is a regular podcast station that covers all things type, including fonts, typography and trends.


The bi-weekly podcast. hosted by Carl Smith of nGen Works and Gene Crawford of UnmatchedStyle. The primary topic is the business side of digital design.


Iterate is a fairly regular podcast that focuses exclusively on mobile application design. Every episode includes discussions about industry news, trends and design secrets from the pros.

Five Minute Tech News

Five Minute Tech News is a digest podcast that covers timely and relevant topics in technology, design, gaming, operating systems and more. It’s an efficient way to get the lowdown on the tech world if you’re short on time.

Mikes on Mics

Mikes on Mics is a fantastic podcast that gives web designers the skinny on productivity. Work flow, third-party apps and time management tips are just a few of the topics Michael Schechter and Mike Vardy cover on the show. Special industry guests are also invited to wax poetic about balancing work and life when it comes to design.

Shop Talk

Strictly for the front end and UX/UI design crowd, Shop Talk covers a pertinent range of topics while fielding questions from listeners and special guests.

Data Stories

Data Stories is a long-form podcast, hosted by Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner, that’s perfect for the data visualization nerd. Episodes are lengthy but chock-full of design and data interpretation goodness.

The Freelance Web

Something of a support group for freelance designers, this show helps fledgling and long-time freelancers alike along the sometimes harrowing journey of going out on their own.

Six Panels of Separation

Hosted by Mitch Joel, President of Twist Image, Six Panels discusses digital marketing for designers and creatives. He also interviews industry leaders, marketers and fellow designers to provide varying insights into all types of media.

More Great Podcasts

Can’t get enough podcasts? Here are some more great shows that designers and developers will love.

What’s Your Favorite Podcast?

Did we miss one of your favorite podcasts for designers? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Im a big fan of Adventures in Design. Love what they do. 8 years ago
  • Great! I will add some of these to my list. Thanks :-) 8 years ago
  • Great roundup, although I'm a little surprised to see @Sean McCabe so far down the list. For both design and business lessons, I would highly recommend listening to his podcast. 8 years ago
  • Agree with @Adrian Pelletier. Great stuff, but if I only recommended one to any designer it'd be the seanwes podcast for all the great content on design professionalism—the one concept approach, value pricing, etc. 8 years ago
  • The seanwes podcast should be at the top of that list, hands down. Two podcasts a week, consistent, and none of that annoying "Here's 6 minutes about our sponsors today" every 20 minutes, like most of the rest of the podcasts up there. Sean and Ben are fantastic hosts that talk about everything from professionalism to design to making a living with your passion, and everything inbetween. Plus, they don't sound like they're talking into a trash bin in an empty cathedral. The audio quality is phenomenal, matched only by the quality of what is talked about. Just over a year with over 130 podcasts out, and it's in the "honorable mentions"? Please. 8 years ago
  • Disclaimer: I edit Shoptalk, seanwes, and Web Ahead. These are all great podcasts, but everyone needs to check out the seanwes podcast. Twice a week, perfect audio quality, life changing information every time. Shout out to my boys on the Shoptalk Show. 8 years ago
  • @Aaron Dowd @Cory Miller @Ben Flack @Adrian Pelletier By popular demand, @Sean McCabe has been moved to the top of the list! 8 years ago
  • You know you're doing it right when the fans of what you do actively stand up for your product. Awesome to see - says a a lot about the people behind the product (and the people who enjoy the product as well). 8 years ago
  • Thanks for the Freelance Web mention. And, I agree SeanWes to the top :) 8 years ago
  • I co-host the Design Review Podcast with a friend of mine We do a weekly critique of an apps overall design/UX like onboarding, UI, animations, etc. Check us out! 8 years ago
  • I host Revision Path, a showcase of the world's Black web designers, graphic designers, and web developers. Each week, I talk to a new person about their goals, their work, and what inspires them as creative individuals. Really great stories here. Check it out at! 8 years ago
  • @Maurice Cherry thanks for the reminder! I've added you to the list. 8 years ago
  • Thanks @Josh Johnson ! 8 years ago
  • I think the Working Out podcast needs to be on this list: I love the chemistry between the hosts and the bite size format! 8 years ago
  • AWESOME! Thank you so much for this article! I'm a 5by5 follower, but didn't know there were such many good ones out there! Great resource! 8 years ago
  • Adventures in Design!!! Thanks for these awesome resources. 8 years ago
  • I know this post is a year old but many of these are still great design podcasts that I love listening to. I know mine isn't up to their level yet but I'm working on it. I have a graphic design/web design podcast at where I share tips, tricks and resources to help designers streamline their business to that they have more time for designing. 7 years ago