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This Week's Fresh Design Products: Vol. 75

By on May 5, 2017 in Community
This Week's Fresh Design Products: Vol. 75

Fresh Design Products is a regular series in which we highlight and celebrate fantastic new products that have been recently uploaded to the marketplace by new and seasoned Creative Market shop owners. It's sort of like a quick stroll through a farmer's market of design and creativity. Enjoy the sights, pick up new products, and follow talented shop owners. The products and shops curated for this series are selected by our Community Curator, Matt Borchert.

Brand New Shops

Talented designers are opening shops in the marketplace each week. We’re spotlighting a few promising new shop owners who are knocking it out of the park by uploading beautiful new design products to launch their shops! The previews you see here are often just a small taste of each shop's full future offering, so be sure to follow them to stay tuned for more amazing assets.


Jamie is a designer from Denver, and she started her shop off with an incredible font and some gritty texture brushes.


Juhi is a calligrapher from India who has a shop full of Procreate brushes.


Julia is offering a printable poster set and a landing page kit for sale.


Laura is known for her distinctively bold and modern invitations and stationary.


Gabriela is a graphic designer who is currently offering a huge array of styled stock for sale.


Bexxtype started their shop off with two script fonts.

Debut Uploads

In this section, we highlight new shop owners who have recently uploaded their very first product. If you like what they have to offer, encourage them to add more products for sale by commenting on and purchasing their first product.

Seasoned Veterans

Some of our shop owners at Creative Market have been in the marketplace and our community for quite some time. We want to recognize these hard working creators by sharing select new products as they release them. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the latest offerings from our popular and up-and-coming shops.

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  1. jamiebartlett

    Wow! Thanks for the feature and all your support Creative Market! I'm so honored to be featured with all these other amazing designers.

  2. saschi

    Wow, thank you so much for the feature! Creative Market has the best community support! You just make my Friday really great :)

  3. walkingstick_co

    NNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! No. NO-NO!
    It’s SO dumb! Why did you include Worst Product on Creative Market!? Have your completely LOST your ever lovin' MINDS! :D Well, NOW you’ve REALLY done it! :D

    Look at all the beautiful work in this volume! Just LOOK at it! Now tarnished by the complete tomfoolery of The Worst Product on Creative Market. Humbug! I say humbug on that product. And for SHAMMMMMEEE! To include a product such as this is an OUTRAGE! It fully besmirches the entire creative industry.

    I’m not upset, I’m just disappointed. This is definitely NOT the kind of inclusion your mother and I raised you to make. We LOVE you, but NOT your behavior. No, NNOOOO, don’t let people CLICK ON IT!!! No one need to see that MESS! Their lives will not be improved by viewing such sheer unadulterated...SQUAT COBBLER! I don’t even know what that MEANS! But that’s not the point. The point is...corner. COR-NER! You may come out of THAT corner once you’ve apologized. :D

  4. SLaCore

    Thanks so much for the feature! And for all the great tips, advice and inspiration I've found here, which have been incredibly helpful. It's very gratifying to be placed alongside so many amazing creators; I'm only hoping my product's position one step *below* the "Worst Product Ever on CM" is not a veiled message. Heh.

  5. mattborchert

    @Suzie LaCore Hah! While products are not ordered based on what we think is the best, I have moved your product above "The Worst Product On Creative Market" as it seemed only fitting for that one to be on the bottom. :)

    Sorry, @Clint WalkingStick, but you had this coming.

  6. janeyudesigns

    Thanks so much for the feature! So many cool products here! This is an amazing creative community :)

    @Clint WalkingStick I totally recognized that paper pad cuz I basically live in Target...especially in the craft section. You're hilarious!

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