Tips for Setting Up Your Shop

By on Nov 1, 2016 in Shop Center
Tips for Setting Up Your Shop

Shop Talk is a new series we're starting featuring tips, tidbits, and other nuggets of information that will help our sellers get the most out of their Creative Market shops. To kick things off, we'll share a few best practices for setting up shop and ensuring a great experience for buyers.

Beautiful Banner

Taking the time to customize your shop banner will help give buyers a sense of your style and invite them to explore the rest of your goods.





A Good Bio

Similar to your shop banner, your bio is an opportunity to tell buyers a little bit more about yourself or your company. You can either show off a little personality like Gerren Lamson, or you can use the space describe your shop in greater detail like the folks at Themify, or maybe even a little bit of both like Angie Makes.


Custom Avatar

This is pretty much a best practice for any website -- when it comes to your shop, it's yet another place to either show off your personality, your style, or all of the above.




Social Accounts

Let's face it, we like to click things. By linking your social accounts you give buyers a chance to find you on sites like Dribbble, Twitter, Facebook, etc. When people are following you on multiple networks, it only increases your chances of reaching them when you have new products.

This also gives us at Creative Market a chance to be able to tag you on social platforms and give you and your products supportive shout outs.


Clear Visuals for Product Images

We're a design marketplace, which means buyers have a very visual browsing experience. Clear product images will entice people to click, and large screenshots will allow them to really get a good look at your product.

Make sure to check out this blog post from Dustin Lee to learn even more about the importance of product shots on Creative Market.

Live Preview

Mostly for you theme and template creators, adding a live preview is a great way to let buyers test drive your product and help solidify their decision.


It's also an opportunity for you to get creative, like uiparade and their video previews showing how their Photoshop plugins work.


Detailed Product Description

This is an instance where brevity will not benefit you. The more you can tell potential buyers about your product, the better. Explain exactly how your product works, what comes with it, useful features, filetypes, and any other information you want to share. A good example is the description for Woodcutter by Sivioco.


***Special Tip*** For all of you who are already shop owners, make sure to check out this Discussions topic on how to take advantage of Markdown in your product descriptions.

By following these simple steps, you'll be well on your way towards a successful shop on Creative Market. Stay tuned for more Shop Talk topics to come!

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  1. Jesussanz

    Very good post, interesting and usefull.
    I opened my shop today, with my first two products.
    I wanted to share my joy for this :-)
    CreativeMarket is really a great experience.

  2. CandyBoxDigital

    Thanks for the tips, guys. Only problem is I can't get my new shop to link to my company Facebook page. It only wants to link to my personal page.

  3. oh.clarita

    It is so easy to get lost in the beginning. Thank you for those simple yet very useful tips!

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