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Top 28: Design News for Oct. 11 – 17

Creative Market March 31, 2021 · 4 min read

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Every Friday, we’ll be sharing a round-up of what’s happening in the Design Industry, such as new digital product announcements, platforms being launched, unique peer projects, interesting experiments and much more. Follow along as we keep a pulse on exciting news in design each week.
Here’s our recap for the week of October 11th through 17th, 2014.

1. HUDs and GUIs

A collection of the most beautiful and innovative examples of Heads-Up Display and Graphical User Interface design.

2. Faluta

Trade billable hours with other creative professionals who have skills that compliment your freelance projects. Join a community where you can pay other creators and get paid.

3. nuSchool

How much should you charge for your freelance design services? Answer 5 questions and know how much to charge to make your projects profitable.

4. Pawel Kuczniski Social Paintings

Check out these paintings by Pawel that will make you question everything wrong in this world.

5. Apple Watch App Concepts

Design duo Jan Losert and Lukas Kus created a number of app concepts for Apple Watch, and are offering the GUI PSDs available for download via a promotional tweet.

6. StandStand

The portable standing desk solution! Use it anywhere you work to transform a table or desk into a standing desk.

7. Beautiful Maps

Do you love topography? Then don’t miss this growing collection of beautiful vintage maps on Tumblr. Se bon!

8. Design Review Podcast

A new podcast that reviews the UI/UX design of high-profile digital platforms.

9. Palettab

Check out this Chrome extension that offers a color and typeface combination in every new tab that you open via Colourlover palettes and Google fonts.

10. Startup Notes from 2014 Startup School

Every year, Startup School invites amazing founders to tell their story. Here are sketchnotes of the most actionable advice from each speaker by Gregory Koberger.

11. Keynote Animation Prototypes

Here’s an easy way to animate your digital project using Keynote!

12. Pixate is live!

A few weeks ago we shared about Pixate — an upcoming mobile interaction design tool. Well, the wait is over and Pixate is now live for everyone to use! Read more about their launch on their blog. And, read an interview with founder Paul Colton on the LayerVault Tumblr blog.

13. Flood Editor

A 3D modeling and printing platform in your browser!

14. Teehan+Lax iOS8 GUI PSD

Teehan+Lax are back with their latest free PSD download that contains all of the GUI elements found in the public release of iOS 8. Amazing, per usual.

15. Poachable

As an employer, you can list your private requirements for changing jobs, and then privately review curated matches and anonymously favorite them. As a candidate, you can find out when employers like your anonymous profile.

16. Typeform

Free beautiful online survey and form builder tools.

17. Photoshop Simulator

A free browser tool built using HTML5, CSS & Javascript that simulates Photoshop.


Love the abstract artwork of Mark Rothko? Check out this evolving web page project, which simulates Rothko-style paintings using CSS.

19. WPA-era Posters

A collection of beautiful WPA-era posters hosted by the Library of Congress site.

20. CSS Color Chart

CSS namespace colors in rainbow order. Switch between name, HEX # and RGB values.

21. Apple Pay Set-up Detailed

Explore the process that users have to take in order to set-up Apple Pay. The article displays detailed screenshots of the overall process.

22. Will Letter For Lunch

A sweet side project by Lauren Hom, in which she offers hand lettered signage in exchange for lunch in NYC.

23. Briefly

Watch a short documentary on creative and design briefs.

24. Animatr

Create awesome CSS animations in your browser with this sweet Chrome extension.

25. Jing Zhang

We’re pretty blown away by the elaborate, infographic illustrations that Jing has been producing. What do you think?

26. Thingful

Currently in its beta, Thingful is a visual map-based search engine for the Internet of things.

27. FormKeep

Form endpoints for designers and developers. No frames, JavaScript embeds or CSS overrides.

28. Open Skillshare

Earlier this week, Skillshare announced that anyone can teach on their platform, and that users can get a Free Membership too! Free Memberships includes up to one hour of participating in lessons before upgrading to a Premium Membership.

What Did We Miss?

That does it for all the great design industry links we found this week. Join the conversation by adding interesting sites or resources you found below.

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  • FilterGrade
    StartupNotes is such a cool, interactive little site. Great roundup! 8 years ago
  • Matt Borchert
    Jing Zhang's work is amazing. Thanks for the share! 8 years ago
  • Anonymous
    Glad y'all enjoyed the roundup! @Matt Borchert @FilterGrade 8 years ago