Ishtar Kit

Premium UI kit, fully editable. Ishtar icons are included with the kit, you will love its details. for photoshop CS6 only.


  1. Liam McKay
    • Purchased
    • Staff

    Incredible. Saw this on Dribbble last week - glad to get my hands on it!

  2. peppernanny
    • Purchased

    Love it, but I don't think the download there an email or something so I can show you the screenshot of what I'm looking at, after I downloaded and opened in PS?


  3. nikiking

    After I downloaded and opened in PS it's a mess. Possible its because I'm using CS5? Can you save CS5 compatible and get to me?

  4. Rico Alexander

    Stunning! but I don't how someone would use this. Is it just for mockups? What if someone wanted to create a website with it?

  5. Ios Basics
    • Purchased

    Awesome work. Just purchased.
    Is it possible to increase the blue bar in "To Do" layer, based on %completion. Suppose I want to show 80% completion instead of 56%, so the blue bar size also should indicate that much completion.

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