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Give your website the vintage look with WordPress theme DW Page Retro. Simple and neat layout, retro elements, light and vintage color, they all add the unique value to your website and make it stand out from the crowd.

DW Page Retro keeps your contents only in one page using sliders, infinite scrolling, popups and combination with other content presentation methods. Fully responsive and easy installation.

The Videos Guide Now Available: http://bit.ly/dw-page-videos

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Change Logs:

version 1.0.5 - December 17, 2013
* New: Restyle to be compatible with BuddyPress Plugin
* New: Integrate DW Question & Answer to BuddyPress
* Fix: Background image error when responsive
* Fix: Style for section blog

version 1.0.4 - November 27, 2013
* Fix: Can reset “Font selector” to default settings.
* Fix: Email icon is error in the “Get In Touch” section.

version 1.0.3 - November 25, 2013
* Fix: Icons in the introducing section disappear after editing.
* Fix: Background Color is changed when edit menu-label.
* New: Create a Blog Section by inserting shortcode.
* New: Restyle to be compatible with Dw Question & Answer Plugin.
* New: Can add a normal page.
* New: Add new settings :Custom scripts, Social Links ( in the footer ), Font Selector (Google Fonts) to Customize function.
* Tweak: Add attributes [row=”” col=”” number=””] to shortcodes.

July 15, 2013: Update to version 1.0.2


  1. DesignWall
    • Shop Owner

    Hi guys,

    Thanks very much for your appreciation!
    This is a super spiritual support for us to continue on creating more wonderful products for everybody


  2. mertxe
    • Purchased

    Bought the theme, did the quickstart and everything's fine. I used a user "admin" to upload everything, and created a user for each member of the band. Can i hide "admin" from showing up in the Team Section?

  3. DesignWall
    • Shop Owner

    Thank Mertxe.

    We have an update for your require. Please replace shortcodes.php in attachment file with yousites/wp-content/themes/dw-page/inc/shortcodes.php .

    We created new argument for [onepage_ourteam] shortcode that was named as except what we can use to exclude some users by their user ID from team listing ex: [onepage_ourteam except=1] (user id was separated by comma ) .

    Best Regards

  4. mertxe
    • Purchased

    Sorry, which attachment? Do i need to re-download the theme and get it from there?

  5. DesignWall
    • Shop Owner

    Hi @mertxe ,

    So sorry i missed the attachment file. Please message me your email address. I will send it for you soon.


  6. Mia Moore
    • Purchased


    I am having issues with the theme it is displayed in the worpress.org however the entire theme seems to be missing or did i just install the theme incorrectly.

  7. DesignWall
    • Shop Owner

    Can you message me your Hosting account or Email Address. I will help you install our Product.

  8. teenuja
    • Purchased

    I have just purchased and installed this theme. Looks great!
    I have two questions (so far):
    1. how can I exclude the 'admin' user from the Team section?
    2. what is supposed to happen when I click on a Team member? At present, clicking on the image (photo of a team member) just brings the page back to the top. Where do I set the links and how do the details / bio about a team member shows up?
    Thanks a lot!

  9. DesignWall
    • Shop Owner

    Hi Teenuja,
    1. Please go to yoursite/wp-content/themes/dw-page-retro/inc/shortcodes.php . Then replace function dw_page_team from line 405 to line 513 :
    +405 /*---------------------------------------------------------------------------*/
    +406 /* Team Shortcode for OnePage
    +407 /*---------------------------------------------------------------------------*/
    +408 if( !function_exists('dw_page_team') ){
    +513 }
    By the code below:

    We created new argument for [onepage_ourteam] shortcode that was named as except what we can use to exclude some users by their user ID from team listing ex: [onepage_ourteam except=1] (user id was separated by comma ) .

    2. We would suggest you to using user description, ( facebook, twitter, flickr ) URL in Admin->Users-> Edit User. And now you can use website URL for link to your team member URL.


  10. TōNFACE Designs
    • Purchased

    I just purchased and downloaded this theme, but when I go to install on my wordpress site I get this error:

    Installing the theme…

    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

    Theme install failed.

    Please help,

  11. mertxe
    • Purchased

    Can i have the code you used in "Contact Form 1"? I've modified it and now it looks bad and i can't find where to restore that from the dummy content. Thanks!

  12. DesignWall
    • Shop Owner

    Hi Mertxe !

    So that you can get the original information, you need to copy the code below: "http://imgur.com/o9mTikE"

    [text* your-name class:span6 watermark "Name*"][email* your-email class:span6 watermark "Email*"]

    [text* your-Budget class:span6 watermark "Budget*"][text* your-Timeframe class:span6 watermark "Timeframe*"]

    [textarea* your-message x4 watermark "Message*"]
    [submit class:btn class:btn-primary "Everything? Send!"]


  13. gasboi


    Will it be difficult to add a custom element such as a features panel outlining features if used as a landing page for a product ?


  14. DesignWall
    • Shop Owner

    Hi @gasboi ,

    You can change color of this theme easily as you want. Please see below:

    If you want to change the background color, you will need to replace background of images :


    You can find many Pattern packs on Creative Market:

    If you want to change the text color, Please go to Dashboard > Appearance > Editor.
    Then change some variable color in Style sheet file: http://i.imgur.com/QR4WQpZ.png

    We wish you success
    However, if you can't do it yourself. Please feel free to contact us. You have 6 months support & update from us.

  15. Thierry Pigeard
    • Purchased


    Excuse my English, it is a translation Goggle

    I do not manage to create a page of posts (blog).
    Can you tell me how?

    Thank you and congratulations

  16. Dave Andersson
    • Purchased

    Hi, been trying to make som sense of your documentation and im going nowhere, this theme is to complicated for me. Where do I get a refund?

  17. DesignWall
    • Shop Owner

    Hi Dave,
    It's sad to know that you are having bad experience with our Documentation.
    At Designwall, we will try our best to resolve the issues before discuss about refund. So can you send us email to help@designwall.com with details of your issues?
    We will help you out.

  18. Dave Andersson
    • Purchased

    Hi again, I´ve allready gotten another theme and dont have time to try more using your theme, sorry, got to stressed there. I´ll go for the refund straight away and try one of your fine products another time!

  19. Omri Levy
    • Purchased

    I'm wondering where I can find some basic documentation for this theme.

  20. maksim razbo
    • Purchased

    Hello. I’ve bought two of your themes (Metro and Retro), and I have a problem with the both. The same problem, on two different sites (also hosted on different hosting). On Metro theme, after making some light changes on a text (only page’s text, NEVER touched the code!) the theme is suddenly broken: the photos from the Portfolio Page are lost its black-to-colour transition effect. So I installed the other theme (Retro) to the completely different site http://www.eureka-prod.com And this time, without editing the page at all, the second theme got suddenly broken in the same manner after pressing update. Please, help the products work normally, how can this unpredictable behaviour can be repaired (bug-fixing patch or update will be welcome). Thanks for your help.


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