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  • New to Creative Market. I am trying to do a business logo and I have the vision of what I want it to look like but can't find a way to execute it. Is there any type of package that I can take a picture, make it a cartoon and mesh it all together???? I've been trying to work with Fiverr but thinking maybe somehow I can do this myself.
  • People think logo Design is easy, It's not. Logo Design is an entire process. Its best left to a professional. Most of the items here while beautiful cant actually be trademarked legally speaking. In order to create a logo, you will need Adobe Illustrator, a very complex and robust application that needs a very powerful computer to run. I took 4 years in college and I have 15 years of Graphic design experience, and My illustrator skills are sketch asf ( Its probably the most difficult program in my opinion. ) I am more of a Photoshop Guru. You can create logos in Photoshop as well but its frowned upon by the " creative police"~
    Can you draw? I find that anyone who cannot draw will have a problem logo designing. Reason is you have to draw out the concept on paper usually several different ideas... that's how you get them out of your head and into physical form. Then we use software to make it functional and print ready.
  • I'd also add, that a skilled Illustrator & Sketch user can achieve many "looks" that appear to be photoshopped but are indeed NOT in the least. A skilled vector drawing, if done by a master, can be extremely complex and look like it was done in photoshop.

    I totally back Charlotte's comment about drawing. Not just in logo design but the majority if not all my designs begin with sketching out, wire framing or even doodling my concepts down with pen-and-paper. I'm contentiously amused when young designers call me a dinosaur because I start out with pen and paper. Its the not only the cornerstone from what will becomes your final piece--its the process of how to best get from a, to be to c and all the way to z. In that process you'll get get the epiphany to propel your work to the end. Don't short change your client or your growth as a designer...there are no quick fixes to good, solid design. It comes easier with experience--and time.
  • Hi Lisa!
    If you need a logo design, please check this shop: https://creativemarket.com/pawellpi
    This shop is filled with the most elegant logo designs. These logos are minimal and above all very high end in their styling. Use them to flesh out a full rebrand for your business! All the logos in the bundle come in infinitely scaleable PSD, AI and EPS formats. Also PNG, and SVG preview.

    Kind regards and have a happy day!
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