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How do I load OTF TTF or WOFF file types into Procreate

  • Hi all,

    I'm new to the ipad Pro and I just bought a set of brushes from Creative Market called 'Handwritten Font Bundle'

    I've now unzipped the files using iZip Pro however the files are in OTF TTF and WOFF file formats, none of which are able to be opened with Procreate which is what I bought them for. Please can someone help me?

    I'm sure there's a missing step I'm not doing, otherwise I've just wasted money on a useless set of brushes which I hope (!) is not the case.

    Thanks so much in advance,
  • Hi Elizabeth,

    I think unfortunately you had mistaken a listing of fonts for brushes, as OTF TTF and WOFF formats are font files, not brush files. The fonts could be used for design work like print designs and websites.
  • Hello Elizabeth, Mila is right. But if you like the font, you can use it in Photoshop, Word/Pages etc. If you're looking for Procreate brushes, you may have a look at Mila's and my shop. We both have very nice brushes for Procreate đź–¤
  • Hi, unfortunately everyone here is correct. I have one font brush compatible for Procreate currently in my shop and I'm working on several others at the moment! Have a look!

    Best of luck!
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