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How to request a refund?

  • Can't find this info anywhere! Thx!
  • Theme Spirit. You are mistaken. This couldn't be harder. I won't purchase here again. Nice products but terrible business model. CM needs to study how Envato does it. I've spent a lot of money there because they do business in a away that makes sense. Creative Market is making me jump through hoops. No thanks. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
  • it was probably something like 800 blah blahand she got it and it was 6 objects repeated down the color spectrum. then they change from 150 by 200 to 125 by 200 and do it all again. $60 what a deal. what a creative market.
  • "CM needs to study how Envato does it." Ha! That's hilarious.
  • it's kinda impossible to ask for a refund because you can not return digital goods, But if you're so unsatisfied with the product then try to contact shop owner or simply report to CM . I think you can find a way to sort it out .
  • I have to disagree that Envato does it better, thats such a laugh, they will tell you NO REFUNDS they are actually pretty adamant about it. Creative Market is much better at giving refunds.Thats why I no longer buy At Envato because they are jerks. There are much more talented artists here at CM and they are much better at refunds. Yes they may take awhile to sort thru things but they will give you a refund here.
  • Envato is indeed garbage. They will not give refunds under any circumstances. Creative Market is very liberal about refunds.
  • I actually bought the same thing twice on Envato and they gave me a credit after I cussed them out and went beserk! LOL They saw that I had bought it twice it was in my purchase history. The purchase I bought was included in another purchase as a bundle so they had the proof. All they care about is the Money and I think CM cares more about the people. Hopefully one of the Envato staff sees this post and learns a thing or two about treating people right.
  • @Ruth Caron After basically doing the same as you, cussing them out and hounding the crap out of them, I was issued store credit on a purchase. I had purchased a Wordpress theme that was full of problems. They tried to make out like I didn't know what I was doing, but I had been using Wordpress for years at that point and had purchased a number of themes that were just fine.
  • they do have some themes they sell that are full of problems and the people that create them dont know how to help you and stop answering you after awhile so you are basically ripped off
  • Como cancelo mi compra, resulto mas costoso de lo que decían y lo cargaron a mi tarjeta, saben si pueden cancelar mi compra me podrían ayudar.
  • Repeated purchases,can't find refund , garbage
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