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Will Procreate Handwriting overtake script fonts?

  • Hi Creative Market Peoples! I am a brand ambassador testing brushes for Procreate and I have learned a lot about digital handlettering in the past few weeks. Do you believe procreate custom hand lettering, calligraphy, or cursive writing will replace or become more dominant than script fonts someday? or will people still desire custom script fonts that they can edit on photoshop or illustrator. Wondering what the market demand for each is


  • Hello, I can only speak for myself as a casual procreate lettering “hobbyist”. My skill level is not of a procreate letterin/calligrapy artist and I found it quite difficult to master. So, yeah, I still buy decent looking script font with great consistency instead of writing them by by myself.
  • Hi @Dee Ross! Wow, what a cool job you have!!! #jealous LOL!

    I agree with @Citrus and Cinnamon. While I am actually quite good at digital handlettering, I don't see it taking over the market from script fonts. For a couple reasons ...

    1) It's so much easier to edit a script font.
    2) It's scalable.
    3) The learning curve is steep on digital handlettering.
    4) You might have lovely handwriting, but still need a different look/feel that you can only get by purchasing a script font.
    5) Consistency can vary from day to day. My handwriting/lettering changes depending on my mood!

    Just a few reasons that come to mind. However, I still see Procreate growing like crazy. It's just a totally different market! There are times when using Procreate handwriting does things that would be so hard to do with a script font. I love using Procreate to hand letter on top of a photo, for example. You can zoom in and draw around the objects in a photo, and change the size of your handwriting depending on what's in the image. Something like that would be frustrating to try and do with fonts. Also I use Procreate more for me as an artist vs other work I do as a designer. As a designer, I'm probably looking for more control than I am as an artist. But someone like Paula Scher, who does tons of handwritten type, wouldn't be.

    So ... short answer is, yes there is market for both!

    Great question!

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