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First steps in watercolor

  • Hi, I just published my first watercolor item for sale.
    I have few shops already with totaly different items (templates and mockups mostly), but I also make illustrations and graphic design.
    I would like to hear what do you think about my handmade work ;)

    I appreciate your suggestions. Any feedback welcome!
  • Hi @Designoo !
    Wow, I think it looks beautiful, I love the colors. :)
  • Thank you @Ana Parracho
  • Hey @Designoo. These floral watercolors are great. My only suggestion would be to show more of what exactly you are offering so people can see everything they are getting. For example, you mention about the watercolor pack having 47 floral elements. Show those 47 floral patterns so you customer has a better idea of how great all of your designs are. Also, patterns and surface pattern design is my speciality so I would suggest you include your pattern designs on mocks so your customers get a better idea of what your pattern might look on a product. There are a lot of good free mockups on the web that you could use for that. I could send you some links for free mockups if you want. I hope this helps!
  • Hi @Kelcie , thank you so much for your suggestions. I really appreciate that and try to use some nice mockups for better presentation.
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